Friday, June 22, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 57

I've been flattered & humbled by some of the comments in the wake of the Beat'cast going on hiatus. But hey! If the Pixies, Stone Roses, and My Bloody Valentine can eventually shake off the cobwebs, there's nothing to say another show won't appear periodically in the future.

You can still find me holding court on Amazing Radio where, yes, I personally choose everything on my show thankyouverymuch. And I hope to kickstart simply posting about bands and songs and whatever strikes my fancy. My pal Drunk Country deemed his show The Waiting Room as kind of an audio blog. I liked that. So, in the absence of TBB 'cast, I'll just have to kinda/sorta go back to blogging the old fashioned way. I'll try to get something up every few days. If you haven't yet, follow me on Facebook & Twitter where it's easier to post a link or video and share a quick or random thought or piece of news.

Thanks again!  You guys rock.

SAINT ETIENNE "Over The Border" (Universal UK), from Words and Music by Saint Etienne
CAT POWER "Ruin" (Matador), from Sun
DAVID BYRNE & ST. VINCENT "Who" (4AD/Todo Mundo), from Love This Giant
ALT-J "Something Good" (Infectious), from An Awesome Wave
GRIMES "Oblivion" (4AD), from Visions (video)  
CHROMATICS "These Streets Will Never Look The Same" (Italians Do It Better), from Kill For Love (video)  
KATE NASH "Under-Estimate The Girl" (self-released), free download (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS "19 in ‘71" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon  
CALEXICO "Para" (Anti), from Algiers (video)
SCOTT WALKER "Lights Of Cincinnati" (Razor & Tie), from It's Raining Today: The Scott Walker Story (1967-70)
SONIC YOUTH "Chapel Hill" (DGC), from Dirty

Music via:  Listen Before You Buy, Guerolito Music, Another Dying Art Form, Chromewaves, Town Full Of Losers   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

TODAY: Amazing Radio (10p BST, 5p ET, 2p PT)

I've had a few people ask if my putting The Big Beat (radio show) on hiatus meant that I'd be stopping The Big Beat (blog) and getting out of radio / DJ'ing altogether.

In short, no and no.  

To wit, I'm back at it on Amazing Radio in just a few hours from now with gobs of new music.   Last week, I presented my monthly all-American showcase - which I'm calling Amazing America (blog post / archive still to come) - so tonight, imma gonna be catching up on new stuff from THE ANTLERS, BOY, THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS, THE OK SOCIAL CLUB, THEESATISFACTION, and MATTHEW DEAR among others. 

I'm also spinning these new artists for the first time: THE HYPNOTIC LIGHTS, CRUSHED BEAKS, UMA, HONEY, OWEN BARRATT, AN-MAGRITT, MICHAEL A. GRAMMAR, ILLLS, and OPOSSUM.  I hope you'll join me but if you can't, I'll post the archived audio to the blog within a few days.

Amazing Radio is heard worldwide at, where the stream is also time-shifted to all 4 US Time Zones. Listen to any of my most recent Amazing shows right here.

Sample a few selections off tonight's menu from YOUNG KATO, RAPIDS!, and TWO JACKALS.

Earlier this week, in typically subdued fashion, I tweeted that the next Big Beat 'cast will be my last, at least on a regular basis.  I'll detail the why's and what for's in an upcoming post. It's nothing sinister, I assure you.  It's simply time.  For severely close observers, I'm also ending my late night shows on KUT although I'll remain on staff at the station.   I will, however, continue hosting my weekly show on Amazing Radio, Thursdays from 10p UK time / 5p Eastern.  I want to thank everyone far and wide for your long term support!

Now, here's the penultimate Beat'cast...

THE WALKMEN "Heartbreaker" (Fat Possum), from Heaven
COLD SPECKS "Winter Solstice" (Mute), from I Predict A Graceful Expulsion
SAVAGES "Flying To Berlin" (Pop Noire), single (performance video)
PINS "Eleventh Hour" (self-released), single (video)
FATHER JOHN MISTY "Nancy From Now On" (Sub Pop), from Fear Fun (video
DIAMOND RUGS "I Took Note" (Partisan), from Diamond Rugs
LIARS "His and Mine Sensations" (Mute), from WIXIW
PURITY RING "Obedear" (4AD), from Shrines
DIRTY GHOSTS "No Video" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon
THE HIVES "Midnight Shifter" (Disque Hives), from Lex Hives
ECHO LAKE "Another Day" (Slumberland), from Wild Peace
FEVER DREAM "This Waste" (Underused), single (video)

Friday, June 8, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (7 June)

Not exactly "Imagine" is it?

During this show on Amazing Radio, I played a song that led me to let loose with a long-held opinion (shock!!): lyrics don't matter all that much to me. My producer Rachael disagreed and threw the question out to the Twitterverse.

Now, I'll say that with this qualifier: it depends on the type of song it is. If it's a ballad or a particularly emotive tune then, yeah, meaningful lyrics are a big plus. But if it's a rocker or a dance song, I kinda don't care. Sure, I love to sing at the top of my lungs but chances are I'll like "Song 2" whether he's feelin' heavy metal or not based on the riff alone, as with the song above. And this song, lyrical genius! To me, they're just words that get me from A to B, thankyouverymuch, whether this monkey's gone to heaven or some chick's got a tattooed tit say number thirteen.

So - this week's show features premieres from me by SAVAGES, FUNERALS, VOXHAUL BROADCAST, MAX AND GABRIELLE, SEASFIRE, STRATHE, THE NARROWS, ARÊTES, EMBERS, and SUMMER CAMP.  And I'm not telling you which song has the lyrics I'm referring to.  You'll just have to listen and find out.  Cool tune, insipid lyrics.  It no matter to me.

ECHO LAKE "Another Day" (No Pain In Pop), single
JEWELLERS "Easier Together" (self-released), from Lakeswimmer
SAVAGES "Husbands" (Pop Noire), single
VOXHAUL BROADCAST "Turn The Knife" (self-released), single
SEASFIRE "Heartbeat" (self-released), single (video)
PLAITUM "She Speaks Spanish" (self-released), free download 
THE NARROWS "Able Danger" (self-released), from The Eve Of Invasion (video)
I CHING "It's Me" (Best Fit), from Amazing Radio session (Best Fit session video)
DAUGHTER "Run" (demo)
(self-released), demo
TEEN DAZE "Brooklyn Sunburn" (Lefse), from All Of Us, Together
WOOWOOS "Fizzy Lettuce" (Moshi Moshi), single (video)
SUMMER CAMP "Always"  (Moshi Moshi), from Always EP
EMBERS "Without Fear Of Favour" (self-released), single (video)
BEAR DRIVER "Big Love" (Adventure Club), from Bear Driver (video) 
BRETON "The Commission" (FatCat), from Other People's Problems (video)
ARÊTES "I'm So Sober" (feat. Binisa Bonner) (self-released), from Gods EP (free EP download)
THEME PARK "Two Hours" (Transgressive), single
ZULU WINTER "Silver Tongue" (Arts & Crafts), from Language (video)
TWO JACKALS "Arrows" (self-released), demo 
STRATHE "Grey" (self-released), single
WORLD TOUR "Believe" (Cascine), from Believe EP
EAGULLS "Possessed" (Italian Beach Babes), from Split EP (w/ Mazes) (Great Escape performance)
MAX AND GABRIELLE "One More Fight" (self-released), free download
INTERNET FOREVER "Break Bones" (Tape Alarm), from Internet Forever (video)
FUNERALS "Boo Sra" (Mishka), from Hypermotion B EP

Music via:  Music For USB Ports

Monday, June 4, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (31 May)

I've got a diamond of a show for you this week, premiering new tunes from THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS, ME AND MY DRUMMER, ORCA TEAM, another one from TWO JACKALS, DANIEL LAND & THE MODERN PAINTERS, and BEAT CONNECTION. I'm also spinning the latest tracks from ELECTRIC GUEST, WEIRD DREAMS, OUTFIT, FEAR OF MEN and noiseniks THE LOST RIVERS.

Hear me on Amazing Radio every Thursday night from 10p-Midnight BST (that's 5-7p Eastern, etc.) at where the stream is also time-shifted to all 4 US Time Zones. Listen to any of my most recent Amazing shows right here.

YOOFS "Love At 140" (self-released), free download
THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS "Come With Me" (Warp), from Red Night
TWO JACKALS "Here Or There" (self-released), demo 
WEIRD DREAMS "Vague Hotel" (Tough Love), from Choreography
POLIḈA "Dark Star" (Totally Gross National Product), from Give You The Ghost  
DITT INRE "Jorden" (Cascine), from En Värld I Brand EP (video)
ELECTRIC GUEST "Awake" (Downtown), from Mondo 
BLEECH "Mondays" (Billie), from Nude (video) 
GUIDED BY VOICES "Class Clown Spots A UFO" (GBV / Fire), from Class Clown Spots A UFO
DANIEL LAND & THE MODERN PAINTERS "Eyes Wide Shut" (Club AC30), from The Space Between Us (video)
DOLDRUMS "Egypt" (Soulterrain Transmissions), from Egypt EP
HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF "Look Out Mama" (Born To Win), from Look Out Mama (video)
BIG WAVE "The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down)" (Soft Power), from The Roots of Love EP
FEAR OF MEN "Green Sea" (Sexbeat), single
MARIBEL "Jezebel Jive" (Splendour), from Reveries (video)
SISSY & THE BLISTERS “Let Her Go” (none), from Amazing Session
AN ECHO "Six Alive" (self-released), from An Echo EP
THE LOST RIVERS "Your Looks" (Northern Star), from Sin & Lostness (video)
BEAT CONNECTION "The Palace Garden 4am" (Moshi Moshi), single (session performance video)
BENJAMIN SCHOOS "Je Ne Vois Que Vous (feat. Laetitia Sadier)" (Freaksville), from China Man vs. China Girl (acoustic radio session video)
TAFFY "So Long" (Club AC30), from Caramel Sunset (video)
ORCA TEAM "The Lowest Point" (Happy Birthday To Me), from Restraint (video)
THE SHUTES "She Said" (Cross Keys), from Echo Of Love EP (video)
OUTFIT “Everything All The Time” (Double Denim), from Another Night’s Dreams Reach Earth Again EP
NICK WATERHOUSE "I Can Only Give You Everything" (Innovative Leisure), from Time's All Gone (video)
RHONDA MERRICK "27 Club" (self-released), tba (video)
ME AND MY DRUMMER "You're A Runner" (Sinnbus), from The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey (video)
I BREAK HORSES "Winter Beats" (Cooperative / Downtown), from Hearts (video)
HIS NAME IS CODEINE "Fushi" (self-released), demo (video)

Music via: Barryfest, Rollo & Grady