Monday, April 30, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (26 April) - Camden Crawl Preview

This week's Amazing Radio show previews this coming weekend's Camden Crawl in London, which year in and year out presents a terrific assortment of emerging artists.  For 2012, over 340 acts are set to perform over 3 days at 50 clubs and venues across one of the city's trendiest areas.  Like SXSW and CMJ, the Crawl gives attendees the chance to see emerging artists in (mostly) intimate settings.    

I was fortunate enough to attend in 2008, a real thrill for me.  It's where I first got to see Fanfarlo, Robyn, and Sky Larkin.  I also saw performances by The Answering Machine, Stricken City, Ipso Facto, Duels, Lucy & the Caterpillar, all who've since disbanded, serving to highlight the incredible burn rate of the UK music scene.  And while I enjoyed virtually every one of those bands, I could have just as easily been seeing Florence + the Machine, Lykke Li, Metronomy, M83, Los Campesinos!, Wild Beasts, Noah & the Whale, Slow Club, Bombay Bicycle Club, or Cage The Elephant.  Talk about hindsight!

This year's Crawl is now seemingly in direct competition with The Great Escape, which goes on the following week in Brighton, having moved from its previously run dates in May (more about that next week).  Some bands are playing both, but most are opting for one or the other.  If a music fan can swing attending both of them, that's a helluva one-two punch of new & emerging artists.

This week's show features nothing but bands playing the Crawl.  Next week's show will be all-Great Escape artists.  Enjoy.           

VERONICA FALLS "My Heart Beats" (Slumberland), single (video)  
O. CHILDREN "Chimera" (Deadly People), from Apnea 
DAN MANGAN "Post-War Blues" (Arts & Crafts), from Oh Fortune (video)
CLOCK OPERA "Once And For All" (Island), from Ways To Forget (video)
FOE "One Man Down" (Mercury), from Bad Dream Hotline  
KWES "Get Up" (Warp), single  
THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE "The Balcony" (self-released), from The Arrogant (video)  
THEME PARK "Wax" (Transgressive), from Wax EP  
TWO WOUNDED BIRDS "I Think The World Of You" (Moshi Moshi), from "Together Forever" single TROPHY WIFE "Microlite" (Moshi Moshi), single (video)
WEIRD DREAMS "Holding Nails" (Tough Love), from Choreography
KYLA LA GRANGE "Vampire Smile" (Chess Club), single (video)
MONSTA "Holdin' On" (Destroya), single
D/R/U/G/S "Connected" (Moshi Moshi), from Connected EP
LIZ GREEN "Bad Medicine" (PIAS America), from O, Devotion! (video)
ST. LUCIA "We Got It Wrong" (Neon Gold), from St. Lucia EP (video)
DUTCH UNCLES "Cadenza" (Memphis Industries), from Cadenza
SISSY & THE BLISTERS “Let Her Go” (Fierce Panda), single (video)
LADY LESHURR "Lego" (Gutter Strut), single (video)
ALPINES "Ice & Arrows" (Polydor), from Night Drive EP (video)
BRONTIDE "Coloured Tongues" (Holy Roar), single (video)
ELLEN AND THE ESCAPADES "All The Crooked Scenes" (Branch Out), from All The Crooked Scenes (performance video)
SPECTOR "Grey Shirt & Tie" (Polydor), single (video)  
CASHIER No.9 "Death Of Fun" (Bella Union), free download
ZUN ZUN EGUI "Fandango Fresh" (Bella Union), from Katang (video)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 52

As TBB's go, I'm pretty proud of this one.  It's got a good mix of new artists & songs coupled with the return of some pretty big players: SIGUR ROS, THE FLAMING LIPS, BECK and LIARS.  More new music from BEACH HOUSE, ALABAMA SHAKES, PAUL WELLER, HERE WE GO MAGIC and BAD VEINS.  Recent discoveries that I'm excited about: TAFFY, VIRGINIA WING, ODONIS ODONIS, PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING, ISLET, and ARTHUR BEATRICE.  And that new record from ALLO DARLIN' is nothing if not swoonworthy.

Hit it, Hal:  

PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING "London Can Take It" (Test Card), from The War Room EP (video)
BEACH HOUSE "Lazuli" (Sub Pop), from Bloom
CASHIER No.9 "Death Of Fun" (Bella Union), free download
BAD VEINS "Dancing On TV" (Modern Outsider), from The Mess We've Made (video)
TAFFY "Candy Lane" (Club AC30), from Caramel Sunset
SIGUR ROS "Ekki Múkk" (XL), from Valtari
LITERATURE "Grifted" (Austin Town Hall), from Arab Spring EP
PAUL WELLER "Green" (Yep Roc), from Sonik Kicks (video)
DEAN BLUNT & INGA COPELAND "The Narcissist" (Hyperdub), from Black Is Beautiful
LIARS "No. 1 Against The Rush" (Mute), from WIXIW (video)
BECK "Looking For A Sign" (Iliad), from Jack Who Lives At Home OST
HERE WE GO MAGIC "I Believe In Action" (Secretly Canadian), from A Different Ship
DISAPPEARS "Replicate" (Kranky), from Pre Language (video)
ODONIS ODONIS "Ledged Up" (FatCat), from Hollandaze (video)
VIRGINIA WING "Divination" (Sexbeat), from "Divination / A Worn Path" cassette 
ALABAMA SHAKES "Hang Loose" (ATO), from Boys & Girls
NICK WATERHOUSE "Some Place" (Innovative Leisure), from Time's All Gone
ARTHUR BEATRICE "Midland" (Open Assembly), single (video)
ALLO DARLIN’ "Some People Say" (Slumberland), from Europe
DIRTY GHOSTS "19 in ‘71" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon
LEE RANALDO "Angles" (Matador), from Between The Times and the Tides
ISLET "What We Done Wrong" (Shape Records (Turnstile)), from Illuminated People
PEAKING LIGHTS "Lo Hi" (Weird World / Mexican Summer), from Lucifer

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Monday, April 23, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (19 April)

This show is a monster!

At least, that's what I kept thinking as I was putting it together. Momentum just builds and builds and by the time I get to the last 45 minutes, watch out.  Don't believe me? Press play and find out...


If you're not careful, this show will hide under the bed, wake you up from a deep sleep and then raid your refrigerator.  I hope you'll listen.

SWIM DEEP "King City" (Chess Club), single (video)
YELLOW OSTRICH "Marathon Runner" (Barsuk), from Strange Land (video)
JESSIE WARE "110%" (Island), from Devotion (video)
ROUGH FIELDS "The Harbour Wall" (Bomb Shop), from Edge Of The Firelight (video)
THE LAURELS "Tidal Wave" (Rice Is Nice), from Plains (video)
DEAD MELLOTRON "Stranger" (Sonic Cathedral), from Glitter 
BLUE BOATS "Summers Down" (self-released), from Sun Burns EP
THEME PARK "Two Hours" (Transgressive), single
ETERNAL SUMMERS "Able To" (Kanine), from The Dawn of Eternal Summers
SOAP & SKIN "Wonder" (PIAS), from Narrow
MOONFACE with Siinai "Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips" (Jagjaguwar), from Heartbreaking Bravery
BEAR IN HEAVEN "Sinful Nature" (Dead Oceans), from I Love You, It's Cool
FEATHERS "Land Of The Innocent" (self-released), free download
WHITE ARROWS "Get Gone" (Votiv), from Fireworks Of The Sea EP
THE ABC CLUB "White Lies" (MAP), from White Lies EP (video)
PINS "Eleventh Hour" (self-released), single (video)
VED "Liquid Shadow" (Adrian), from VED
JOHN J PRESLEY "Sweet Sister" (self-released), tba
JESCA HOOP "Born To" (self-released), from The House That Jack Built
VELOCIRAPTOR "In The Springtime" (self-released), from Velociraptor EP
ODONIS ODONIS "Busted Lip" (FatCat), from Hollandaze
BRONTIDE "Coloured Tongues" (Holy Roar), single (video)
!!! (CHK CHK CHK) "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (MF/MB/ Remix)" (Adrian), from Altered
SISTERLAND "Dirty White" (Blessing Force), from Dirty White EP (video)
BLACKLISTERS "I Can Confirm" (Brew). from BLKLSTRS
EXITMUSIC "Passage" (Secretly Canadian), from Passage
HOMEWORK BROTHERS "San Francisco" (self-released), tba
THREE TRAPPED TIGERS "Noise Trade" (Blood and Biscuits), from Route One or Die (video)

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Friday, April 20, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 51

It's 'so long' to Dick Clark (1929 - 2012)

New music from ALABAMA SHAKES and YUCK highlight this week’s show, which includes first appearances from VIRGINIA WING, WINTERSLEEP, FELIX, ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION, CADENCE WEAPON, KINDNESS, the duo of DEAN BLUNT & INGA COPELAND (aka Hype Williams), and Austin's DEEP TIME, who changed their name from YellowFever.

CAPITAL CITIES "Kangaroo Court" (Lazy Hooks), single
DEAN BLUNT & INGA COPELAND "The Narcissist" (Hyperdub), from Black Is Beautiful
DEPTFORD GOTH "People Get Still (demo)" (self-released), demo
ALABAMA SHAKES "Rise To The Sun" (ATO), from Boys & Girls
YUCK "Chew" (self-released), tba
ZULU WINTER "We Should Be Swimming" (Arts & Crafts), from Language (video)
FELIX "Oh Thee 73" (Kranky), from Oh Holy Molar
VIRGINIA WING "Divination" (Sexbeat), from "Divination / A Worn Path" cassette 
DEEP TIME "Clouds" (Hardly Art), from Deep Time
WORK DRUGS "License To Drive" (self-released), single
ALT-J "Fitzpleasure (bretonLABS Ghost Remix)" (Infectious), single
CHROMATICS "Back From The Grave" (Italians Do It Better), from Kill For Love
CADENCE WEAPON "Conditioning" (Upper Class), from Hope In Dirt City (video)
WILD BELLE "Keep You" (Sandhill Sound), single 
AZEALIA BANKS "212" (self-released), single
YOUNG PRISMS "Floating In Blue" (Kanine), from In Between
ECHO LAKE "Even The Blind" (Slumberland), from Wild Peace
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD "Female Robbery" (self-released), I'm Sorry EP (video)
CAPSULA "Town Of Sorrow" (Krian), from In The Land of Silver Souls
PIXIES "Alec Eiffel" (Elektra), from Trompe Le Monde (performance video)
LITTLE BARRIE "Surf Hell" (Tummy Touch), from King Of The Waves (video)
ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION "Into Pieces" (Old Flame), from Ask Me This
JAI PAUL "Jasmine" (XL), single
SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO "Seraphim" (Wichita), from Unpatterns (video)
WINTERSLEEP "Resuscitate" (Roll Call), from Hello Hum
DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
THE INVISIBLE "Protection" (radio edit) (Ninja Tune), from Rispah
KINDNESS "Cyan" (Casablanca), from World, You Need A Change Of Mind (video)

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Monday, April 16, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (12 April)

PINS - Manchester quartet premiere with the excellent "Eleventh Hour"

Let me introduce you to a lot of great new music on this week's show including artist premieres by KATZENJAMMER, FEATHERS, LOTUS PLAZA, MARY EPWORTH, CRAFT SPELLS, ROUGH FIELDS, SWIM DEEP, THE LOST RIVERS, DIVE, ZAMBRI, and the aforemntioned PINS.  Then there's brand new tracks from FRIENDS, FRACTURES, and ELECTRIC GUEST.   Just press play and have at it!

Amazing Radio is heard throughout the UK on DAB and worldwide at, where the stream is also time-shifted to all 4 US Time Zones.

CURXES "Haunted Gold" (self-released), single (video)
THE SHUTES "She Said" (Cross Keys), from Echo Of Love EP (video)
KATZENJAMMER "Rock-Paper-Scissors" (Vertigo), from A Kiss Before You Go (video)
FRIENDS "Mind Control" (Fat Possum), from Manifest (stream)
BRETON "Edward The Confessor" (FatCat), from Other People's Problems (video)
FRACTURES "Ride" (Distiller), single
FEATHERS "Land Of The Innocent" (self-released), free download
LOTUS PLAZA "Remember Our Days" (Kranky), from Spooky Action At A Distance
ELECTRIC GUEST "American Daydream" (Downtown), from Mondo
SIMIAN GHOST "Curtain Call" (Heist Or Hit), from Youth (acoustic performance video)
MARY EPWORTH "Black Doe" (Hand Of Glory / ADA), from Dream Life (video)
WEEKEND "Hazel" (Slumberland), from Red EP
PEACE "Follow Baby" (Deadly), single (video)
THEESATISFACTION "QueenS" (Sub Pop), from Awe Naturale 
CRAFT SPELLS "After The Moment" (Captured Tracks), from Idle Labor
SARAH WILLIAMS WHITE "If I Smile At You" (self-released), single (video)
ROUGH FIELDS "The Harbour Wall" (Bomb Shop), from Edge Of The Firelight (video)
TURF WAR "For The Last Time" (Old Flame), from Years Of Living Dangerously
THOSE DARLINS "Be Your Bro" (Oh Wow Dang), from Screws Get Loose (video)
PINS "Eleventh Hour" (self-released), single (video)
DIVE "Sometime" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin
SWIM DEEP "King City" (Chess Club), single (video
HAIM "Better Off" (self-released), from Forever EP (free EP download)
MiNI dOG "Another Man Done Gone" (n/a), from Juke Joint
EVANS THE DEATH "Telling Lies" (Slumberland), from Evans The Death (video)
THE LOST RIVERS "Fall" (Northern Star), from Sin & Lostness
FANTASY RAINBOW "No Hope. Not Ever" (Tiny Lights), from No Hope. Not Ever (video)
DINOWALRUS "What Now" (Old Flame), from Best Behavior
ZAMBRI "ICBYS" (Kanine), from House Of Baasa

Music via:  Indie Weekly, mu-sique, Austin Town Hall, Rollo & Grady, My Old Kentucky Blog, Bordwood

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 50

Another week, another two hours of new tunes handpicked and presented by yours truly. Yep, this is the 50th edition of the show...but you'd never know from listening to it. It doesn't even warrant a mention. No need to celebrate but rather, let me simply extend my thanks for listening.

I’ve got 19 new tunes for you this week, 26 in all over two hours, including 10 artist debuts: CHROMATICS, FRENCH WIVES, ANE BRUN, HUSKY, ISLET, KING TUFF, TV GIRL, TERRY MALTS, DEPTFORD GOTH and THE ZOLTARS. Press play to listen.

HOSPITALITY "The Right Profession" (Merge), from Hospitality
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD "Sweater Weather" (self-released), tba (video)
CHROMATICS "Lady" (Italians Do It Better), from Kill For Love
DIVE "How Long Have You Known?" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin
LIKE PIONEERS "Boggs" (Abandoned Love), from Oh, Magic
DEPTFORD GOTH "People Get Still (demo)" (self-released), demo
GRIMES "Oblivion" (4AD), from Visions
THE SHINS "The Rifle’s Spiral" (Columbia), from Port of Morrow
ARTHUR BEATRICE "Midland" (Open Assembly), single (video)
HUSKY "The Woods" (Sub Pop), from Forever So
TV GIRL "I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now" (Greedhead), from The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle
THE ZOLTARS "I Took Your Girl Away" (Sundae), from Should I Try Once More?
-> Mike's Wild Card Pick of the Week <-
TERRY MALTS "Tumble Down" (Slumberland), from Killing Time
jj "Beautiful Life" (Secretly Canadian / Sincerely Yours), single
MIIKE SNOW feat. Lykke Li "Black Tin Box" (Downtown), from Happy To You  
D/R/U/G/S "Hemisphere V" (self-released), tba
WHITE DENIM "Get Back To Love (Street Joy)" (self-released), single
CAPITAL CITIES "Kangaroo Court" (Lazy Hooks), single
KING TUFF "Bad Thing" (Sub Pop), from King Tuff
DIRTY PROJECTORS "Gun Has No Trigger" (Domino), from Swing Lo Magellan
ISLET "This Fortune" (Shape Records (Turnstile), from Illuminated People
ANE BRUN "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" (PIAS), from It All Starts With One
FRENCH WIVES "Younger" (Electric Honey), from Dream Of The Inbetween (video)
POLIÇA "Wandering Star" (Totally Gross National Product), from Give You The Ghost

Music via: Gorilla vs. Bear, Electronic Rumors, Rolling Stone, EARMILK, Austin Town Hall,       circle.square.triangle, The Dadada, Listen Before You Buy     

Friday, April 13, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (5 April)

You know what's amazing?   When I was a kid in Ohio, I fancied myself becoming an American on the BBC.  I listened to a lot of shortwave radio and loved hearing news and music from the other side of the planet.  To be perfectly honest, I agreed to leave a pretty good, comfortable job at Toyota for WOXY because, as a forerunner of simulcasting on the web, I was excited about taking 'The Future of Rock & Roll' to a global audience.  The confines of the terrestrial listening area was just a little too finite for me.  Even though I'm still heard worldwide on the web (KUT, Amazing, DIY, Moheak), I get a kid-like thrill at being heard all over Britain on a regular, digital radio.   Just listen every Thursday night on Amazing Radio from 10p GMT / 5p ET and I'll give you a world of new music. 


Amazing Radio is heard throughout the UK on DAB and worldwide at, where the stream is also time-shifted to all 4 US Time Zones. Listen to any of my most recent Amazing shows right here.

NICK WATERHOUSE "I Can Only Give You Everything" (Innovative Leisure), from Time's All Gone (video)
HAIM "Forever" (self-released), from Forever EP
VELOCIRAPTOR "In The Springtime" (self-released), from Velociraptor EP
SHINIES "Shola" (Dirty Bingo), single (video)
THE SUN ELECTRIC BAND "In The Clouds" (Take Care), from Want To Feel Like EP
BEST COAST "The Only Place" (Mexican Summer), from The Only Place
LA SERA "Break My Heart" (Hardly Art), from Sees The Light
BLACK TAMBOURINE "What's Your Game?" (Slumberland), from OneTwoThreeFour EP
JETHRO FOX "Echo" (self-released), single
JEWELLERS "Easier Together" (self-released), tba
ED PROSEK "California" (Lightscape Music), from California EP (video)
WHITE RABBITS "Heavy Metal" (tbd), from Milk Famous (video)
SAFARI "Doubt" (Sons Of Stereo), from "Doubt" / "Are We Ready" single (video)
BLEECH "Mondays" (Billie), single (video)
TOY "Motoring" (Heavenly), single (video
I CHING "Tricerious" (n/a), from Amazing Radio session 
120 DAYS "Spacedoubt" (Splendour), from 120 Days II
INTERNET FOREVER "Break Bones" (Tape Alarm), from Internet Forever (video)
FRANKIE ROSE "Know Me" (Slumberland), from Interstellar
THE SHUTES "She Said" (Cross Keys), from Echo Of Love EP (video)
I LIKE TRAINS "Mnemosyne" (I LIKE), from The Shallows 
REHEARSED LIVING "Feel Alive" (self-released), from Rehearsed Living (free album download)
PLUM "The Seed" (EmuBands), from The Seed (video)
BEACH HOUSE "Myth" (Sub Pop), from Bloom
DEAD MELLOTRON "Stranger" (Sonic Cathedral), from Glitter
WEIRD DREAMS "Little Girl" (Tough Love), from Choreography
MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY "Puppets" (Lost Balloon), from Foe (video)

Music via: Triple J Unearthed, The Dadada, We All Want Someone To Shout For

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LISTEN: Simian Ghost Interview (Amazing Radio)

SIMIAN GHOST kicks off a UK tour tonight.  Dates are as follows:

April 10 – London, Surya
April 11 – Manchester, The Soup Kitchen
April 12 – Glasgow, The Captain’s rest
April 13 – Southampton, Joiners

Last month, right before SXSW, I Skyped with vocalist Sebastian Arnström about forming the band after initially being merely his solo project, his influences, their new CD Youth, and playing live before an audience.

They'll return to the UK in June, alongside Stealing Sheep, for a tour put on by the music site The Line Of Best Fit.

June 1th – Bournemouth, 60 Million Postcards

June 2th – Liverpool, Leaf Cafe

June 3th – Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers

June 5th – Nottingham, Bodega
June 6th – Cardiff, Buffalo

June 7th – London, The Lexington (Clash ‘Ones To Watch’ show)
June 8th – Wrexham, Central Station
June 9th – Oxford, The Cellar

Monday, April 9, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 49

There are times when I'll choose to hold off posting a show to the blog due to (1) time commitments and (2) the belief that anything posted after mid-day on Thursday is generally lost to the abyss. With Easter weekend fast approaching, I just thought I'd hold off posting the most recent Beat'cast until today but definitely wanted to get it up before the new one (nudge) airs tomorrow.

So you're back in the office, draggin' ass and you want some new music, right? I gotcha. I'm playing two dozen new tunes on this show, 27 in all, including first appearances by DIRTY PROJECTORS, DEAR JOSEPH, THE NEIGHBOURHOOD, JAI PAUL, TRIPWIRES, OFF!, SCREAMING FEMALES, POST WAR YEARS, SUPREME CUTS, and PS I LOVE YOU. I'll also play new ones from EDWARD SHARPE and the MAGNETIC ZEROS and A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS.

The Big Beat  premieres on DIY Radio (London) every Tuesday on 8p GMT, 3p Eastern and Noon Pacific, and in addition to listening to it archived on the blog here, you can hear it Fridays on Moheak Radio (Los Angeles) at 7a Pacific, 10a Eastern and 3p GMT.

And make a note to catch me on KUT 90.5 (Austin) Tuesday and Wednesday at 11p CT (Midnight Eastern, 5a GMT)* and Amazing Radio (Gateshead, England) Thursdays at 10p GMT, 6p Eastern.

*This week, hear me from 8-11p Central (9p-Midnight Eastern)  

DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
DIRTY PROJECTORS "Gun Has No Trigger" (Domino), from Swing Lo Magellan
JAI PAUL "Jasmine" (XL), single
BEST COAST "The Only Place" (Mexican Summer), from The Only Place
EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS "Man On Fire" (Community), from Here
THEME PARK "Ghosts" (Transgressive), from Wax EP (free download)
AIR FRANCE "Collapsing At Your Doorstep" (Sincerely Yours), from No Way Down EP
TANLINES "Cactus" (True Panther), from Mixed Emotions
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS "You Are The One" (Dead Oceans), from Worship
FRANKIE ROSE "Night Swim" (Slumberland), from Interstellar
TRIPWIRES "Emerald" (self-released), free download (video)
YOOFS "Alt Waltz (demo) " (self-released), free download
KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS "Just Like Honey" (Just Like Honey), from Just Like Honey
BRETON "Governing Correctly" (Fatcat), from Other People's Problems
LITTLE BARRIE "Tip It Over" (Tummy Touch), from King Of The Waves
WILLY MOON "Yeah Yeah" (Luv Luv Luv / Island), single (video)
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD "Sweater Weather" (self-released), tba (video)
SCREAMING FEMALES "Expire" (Don Giovanni), from Ugly
SISTERLAND "Milk & Honey" (Blessing Force), from Dirty White EP
PS I LOVE YOU "Princess Towers" (Paper Bag), from Death Dreams
KINNIE THE EXPLORER "Mardi Gras" (Alcohol), from Kinnie The Explorer
SUPREME CUTS "Lessons Of Darkness (Apology)" (Dovecote), from Whispers In The Dark
WILD BELLE "Keep You" (Sandhill Sound), single 
POST WAR YEARS "Volcano" (self-released), Live 360 Session EP (free download)
THE WEDDING PRESENT "You're Dead" (Scopitones), from Valentina
OFF! "King Kong Brigade" (Vice), from OFF!
DEARJOSEPH "Winter In Mexico City" (self-released), free download

Music via: Fluxblog, La Nueva Escuela, Chromewaves, EARMILK, Austin Town Hall, XLR8R, Pitchfork

Monday, April 2, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (29 March)

It's sounds odd to admit this but I liked this show much more upon hearing it back than I did while putting it together, and even then I thought it was pretty good.

I'm premiering new tracks this week from VERONICA FALLS (might be the best thing they've ever done, cool video), Australian smoothie CHET FAKER, a SELEBRITIES b-side that might be better than the flip, an Amazing Sessions track from POLARSETS, neo-soul hepcat NICK WATERHOUSE, and new Britrock from SHINIES, PEACE, EVANS THE DEATH, and TRIM THE BARBER. And since we're now 25% through 2012, I'll drop in a few of my faves to this point from MARIBEL, YOOFS, SISTERLAND, and CURXES.

THE COUCH "The Way You Came" (self-released), from Old & Touchin' Blue
VERONICA FALLS "My Heart Beats" (Slumberland), single (video)
SISTERLAND "Milk & Honey" (Blessing Force), from Dirty White EP
CHET FAKER "Terms & Conditions" (Chess Club), from Thinking In Textures EP
ERRORS "Pleasure Palaces" (Rock Action), from Have Some Faith In Magic (video)
ELECTRIC GUEST "This Head I Hold" (Downtown), from Mondo (video)
BENJAMIN SCHOOS "Je Ne Vois Que Vous (feat. Laetitia Sadier)" (Freaksville), from China Man vs. China Girl (stream)
SELEBRITIES "Paraiso" (Cascine), single
DISCLOSURE "Tenderly" (Make Mine), from "Tenderly" / "Flow" single (TBB coverage)
CURXES "Haunted Gold" (self-released), single (video)
HUSBAND "Flowers" (Robot Elephant), from Robot Elephant Records vs. Tundra Dubs
POLARSETS "Summer Related Name" (n/a), from The Amazing Sessions
YOOFS "Hazy Dayz" (self-released), single
THEESATISFACTION "QueenS" (Sub Pop), from Awe Naturale
NICK WATERHOUSE "I Can Only Give You Everything" (Innovative Leisure), from Time's All Gone (video)
MARIBEL "Jezebel Jive" (Splendour), from Reveries (video)
HERE WE GO MAGIC "Make Up Your Mind" (Secretly Canadian), from A Different Ship
SHINIES "Shola" (Dirty Bingo), single (video)
STAY+ "Guardian" (feat. Daniel O’Sullivan) (Ramp), from Guardian EP
HAIM "Forever" (self-released), from Forever EP
JESSIE WARE "Running" (PMR/Island), single (video)
RHYE "Open" (Innovative Leisure), from Open EP (NSFW video)
EVANS THE DEATH "Telling Lies" (Slumberland), from Evans The Death (video)
PEACE "Follow Baby" (Deadly), single
ROYAL BATHS "Faster, Harder" (Kanine), from Better Luck Next Life
TRIM THE BARBER "Occupation" (self-released), from Trim The Barber EP

Music via: Stark Online