Saturday, August 11, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (26 July)

So, and thankfully, I started a new full-time job about 6 weeks ago (yay!) which, when added with my other duties for Amazing Radio and KUT, has left precious little time to update the blog (boo!). Hopefully, you're listening as the show airs on Amazing Thursdays at 5p Eastern, 4p Central and 2p Pacific. That's 10p in Britain and 3p Mountain! If not (and why not?), I'm archiving them here so you can listen whenever it's convenient. And lord knows we live in an on demand, time shifted give-it-to-me-now-dammit world, don't we? For a more immediate archive of the week's show, my page at Amazing Radio is always updated with the latest and greatest.

Appearing on the show for the first time this week are GIRLS NAMES, KOBI, DIANA, AVEC SANS, S.A.F., CARNIVALS, ENGLISH SINGLES, ERIKA SPRING, and ARCA. You'll also hear new tunes from JETHRO FOX, BEATROOT, and two of my new fave band crushes: TAFFY and PINS.

Oh, and keep checking back.  I'll leave the light on for you. 

SPLASHH "Need It" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video)
GIRLS NAMES "A Troubled See" (Slumberland), from split single (w/ Weird Dreams)
TRANDCENTION "Striations" (self-released), from Serendipity EP
ADDING MACHINE "Square Piece" (demo) (self-released), free download
JETHRO FOX "Blinding Light" (Tough Love), single
DJANGO DJANGO "Storm" (Because), from Django Django (video)
KOBI "Fight" (self-released), single
DIANA "Born Again" (self-released), tba
DIIV "Doused" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin  
JAPANDROIDS "The House That Heaven Built" (Polyvinyl), from Celebration Rock
DIRTY GHOSTS “Shout It In” (Paper Bag), from Metal Moon (video)
AVEC SANS "Heartbreak Hi" (self-released), single
BEATROOT "Lights Camera Action" (self-released), from Beatroot mini-album
S.A.F. "Nailstorm" (RAK), from Nailstorm EP (video)
I CHING "It's Me" (Best Fit), from Amazing Radio session (Best Fit session video)
PINS "You Don't Need To Be" (self-released), tba (video)
CARNIVALS "Departners" (self-released), from Humility EP
ENGLISH SINGLES "Finer Points" (Slumberland), from Backstreet Pages EP
THE MYNABIRDS "Generals" (Saddle Creek), from Generals
TAFFY "Flower Chain" (Club AC30), from Caramel Sunset
THE DUNES "Trace The Sun" (Quiet Pop), from Between Midnight and Dawn EP
THE EARLY MORNING SATELLITES (fka HONEY) "Fantasist" (self-released), from Fantasist EP
CURXES "Spectre" (self-released), single
BEAR DRIVER "Big Love" (Adventure Club), from Bear Driver (video)
YRRS "Mob Life" (Keep It Yours), split single (w/ Honeyslide) (video)
BROKEN ANCHOR "Leave The Light On" (self-released), from Broken Anchor, Vol. 1 EP
ERIKA SPRING "Hidden" (Cascine), from Erika Spring EP (video)
ARCA "Manners" (UNO NYC), from Stretch 2
RHYE "Open" (Innovative Leisure), from Open EP

Music via:  Obscure Sound, Said The Gramophone, EARMILK, Austin Town Hall, Loose Lips  

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