Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (5 July)

There's nothing I enjoy more than finding a new band to play for you. Even though I may just stick with one or two of their songs on the show, my hope is that you'll seek 'em out on your own if it's something you dug hearing. I spun these artists for the first time on this show:

HOLOGRAMS - Swedish punk band has the Spirit of '77
PLAYLOUNGE - LDN noise-pop duo
NOW, NOW - if you were a fan of female-fronted, heartland bands like Magnapop and Frogpond, you'll love this trio from Minneapolis.
WET MOUTH - 2 girls + 2 guys based in Liverpool with members from England, Norway, Canada and Los Angeles. Elements of grunge, post-punk and pop are all present here.
COVES - dreamy guy/girl duo with a noisepop undercurrent
WAILIN' STORMS - Gothic Americana by trio from NYC via Corpus Christi.
GET PEOPLE - LDN electro-pop trio
CAAN - stylish, nocturnal synth pop (think Jamie Woon) from ex-Ou Est Le Swimming Pool member Caan Capan
ALUNAGEORGE - Pichfork-approved dubstep influenced electro-soul duo

GAGGLE "Army Of Birds" (Transgressive), from From The Mouth Of The Cave (video)
HOLOGRAMS "ABC City" (Captured Tracks), from Holograms (video)
NOW, NOW "Thread" (self-released), from Threads (video)
COVES "Cast A Shadow" (Cross Key), from Cast A Shadow EP (video)
GET PEOPLE "Something Better" (Luv Luv Luv), from Harmonize EP (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS “Shout It In” (Paper Bag), from Metal Moon (video)
WILLY MOON "Yeah Yeah" (Luv Luv Luv / Island), single (video)
ALUNAGEORGE "Put Up Your Hands" (Universal / Island), from You Know You Like It EP
CAAN "Into The Night" (Camouflage), single (video)
ATOMIC LEAGUE "Another One Like You" (self-released), tba
FANTASY RAINBOW "O, Weirdo" (Heist Or Hit), single
DISGOTHIQUE "Solar" (self-released), from Silver Trashy Music
PALE SEAS "Something Or Nothing" (Fear & Records), single (session video)
LANTERNS ON THE LAKE "A Kingdom" (Bella Union), from Gracious Tide, Take Me Home
COASTAL CITIES "Relief" (Once Upon A Time), single (free download) (video)
WAILIN' STORMS "Asleep In The Belly Of A Tree" (self-released), from Bone Colored Moon EP
FRIENDS "I'm His Girl" (Arthur Baker remix) (Lucky Number), single
MICHAEL A. GRAMMAR "All Night, Afloat" (Melodic), from Vitamin Easy EP (video)
THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE "Mallory" (Rough Trade), from The Amazing Sessions
SPLASHHH "Need It" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video)
ALPINE "Gasoline" (Ivy League), from A Is For Alpine
WET MOUTH "White Light" (self-released), tba
CURXES "Haunted Gold" (self-released), single (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
THE INVISIBLE "Protection" (Ninja Tune), from Rispah
THEME PARK "Jamaica" (Transgressive), single (video)
PLAYLOUNGE "Conor, Oh Burst?" (Art Is Hard), from Family Portrait split EP

Music via:  Pitchfork, Bedwetting Cosmonaut, Et Musique Pour Tous

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