Friday, July 6, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (28 June)

Another two hours of handpicked new tunes, including these artists getting first spins from me:

COASTAL CITIES - jaunty, Foals-like indie
DIVINE FITS - Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs) & Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks). Kind of a supergroup.
THE DUNES - Dream pop from Australian duo with an expat Texan on vocals.
IO ECHO - L.A. electropop duo.
ATOMIC LEAGUE - Proggy DIY project of Glasgow's Shaun Canning, who cites Radiohead & Massive Attack as inspirations. One could do worse.
DISGOTHIQUE - Melodic, female fronted indie rock by quartet from Poole, Dorset. Never been there but it sounds like it'd be a pretty place.
HOT CITY - rave revivalists
JENNY O. - El A singer/songwriter
JOYLAND - LDN trio do expansive, dark, epic and widescreen mood music.
WET NUNS - Remember Sluts of Trust? Like that but heavier.
POLTERGEISTS - DIY, lo-fi atmospherics from Joseph Parsons.

You can catch me every Thursday on Amazing Radio at 10p BST, 5p Eastern & 2p Pacific. You can find archived shows & tracklistings here on the blog and on Mixcloud. Oh, and feel free to follow along on Twitter & Facebook, too.

RHONDA MERRICK "Thank You For Taking The Time" (self-released), tba (viography)
COASTAL CITIES "Relief" (Once Upon A Time), single (free download) (video)
ALPINE "Gasoline" (Ivy League), from A Is For Alpine
DIVINE FITS "My Love Is Real" (Merge), from A Thing Called Divine Fits
THEME PARK "Jamaica" (Transgressive), single (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
TWO WOUNDED BIRDS “To Be Young” (Holiday Friends / Frenchkiss), from Two Wounded Birds
THE DUNES "Trace The Sun" (Quiet Pop), from Between Midnight and Dawn EP
MICHAEL A. GRAMMAR "All Night, Afloat" (Melodic), from Vitamin Easy EP (video)
AZEALIA BANKS "1991" (Polydor), from 1991 EP
CHARLI XCX "Nuclear Seasons" (IAMSOUND), from You're The One EP (video)
ALLAH-LAS "Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)" (Innovative Leisure), single (video)
WUSSY "Death By Misadventure" (Shake It), from Wussy (performance video)
MS MR “Hurricane” (IAMSOUND / Chess Club), free download (video)
FEATHERS "Land Of The Innocent" (self-released), free download
IO ECHO "When The Lilies Die" (IAMSOUND), from Ministry Of Love
ALT-J "Something Good" (Infectious), from The Amazing Sessions (video)
ATOMIC LEAGUE "Another One Like You" (self-released), tba
DISGOTHIQUE "Solar" (self-released), from Silver Trashy Music
HOT CITY "Buggin' Out" (Moshi Moshi), single
SUMMER CAMP "Always"  (Moshi Moshi), from Always EP (video)
RAPIDS! "Mogadishu" (self-released), from Cold Distribution EP (free EP download)
I AM OAK "Reins" (Heist Or Hit), from Nowhere Or Tammensaari
JENNY O. "Well, OK Honey" (Manimal Vinyl), from Home EP
JOYLAND "Whitebate" (CRC Music), single (video)
WET NUNS "Throttle" (self-released), single (NSFW video)
DIRTY GHOSTS "19 in ‘71" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon   
POLTERGEISTS "Q & A" (self-released), from Golden Stairs

Music via: Rollo & Grady, Aerial Noise


  1. Show is excellent as always.

    There's no way you could have known this, but High Wycombe is pronounced High 'Wikkam'.

    I mention this exclusively as a point of curiosity about our ludicrous Anglo Saxon place names rather than any criticism :)

  2. Peculiar pronunciations always seemed to be used to let the locals pick out the interlopers. Texas is no different:

    Manor (May-nor, not Man-or)
    Manchaca (Man-shack)
    Houston is Hugh-ston in Texas but How-ston in NYC.
    Elgin has a hard 'g' in Texas, soft 'g' in Illinois.
    Blanco is blahn-ko en Espanol, yet blank-o in Texas.
    And so on...

    Let me be clear: I may live in Texas but I doubt I'll ever be a Texan.