Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (21 June)

Yep, that'$ why I do it....

After each of the All-American shows I've done on Amazing Radio, I get especially itchy to unearth some new bands to introduce you to on the following week's show. That'd be this one right here.

Listen for these new artists I'm playing for the first time:

THE HYPNOTIC LIGHTS - synth-pop from Deutschland
OWEN BARRATT - Mancunian singer/songwriter
CRUSHED BEAKS - indie pop/rock duo from LDN
AN-MAGRITT - young Norwegian lass does summery, bossa nova flavored pop
MICHAEL A GRAMMAR - soaring & shoegazey, inspired by Radiohead and Joy Division
LIZ LAWRENCE - gentle English folk
OPOSSUM - acid-pop project of  Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Kody Nielson
ILLLS - Mississippi garage rock duo seeks worldwide success via the UK  
HONEY - classic shoegazers from Scotland
UMA - German husband/wife duo do a-bit-more-out-there experimental synth-pop

I'm also spinning new tracks from BOY, THEE SATISFACTION, RAPIDS!, and THE ANTLERS.   

YETI LANE "Warning Sensations" (Sonic Cathedral), from The Echo Show (video)
BOY "Skin" (Grönland), from Mutual Friends (video - acoustic version)
THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS "Come With Me" (Warp), from Red Night 
THE HYPNOTIC LIGHTS "Hey We Are" (self-released), from We Are EP (video)
OWEN BARRATT "Undivided" (self-released), from EP\
SEASFIRE "Heartbeat" (self-released), single (video)  
MATTHEW DEAR "Her Fantasy" (Ghostly International), from Beams
SAVAGES "Husbands" (Pop Noire), single (performance video)
CRUSHED BEAKS "Grim" (Paint It Black London), single
AN-MAGRITT "Summertime" (Starfield), single
MICHAEL A. GRAMMAR "All Night, Afloat" (Melodic), from Vitamin Easy EP (video)
THEESATISFACTION "Deeper" (Sub Pop), from Awe Naturale (Best Fit session video)
YOUNG KATO "Drink, Dance, Play" (LAB), from Young Kato EP (video)   
THE OK SOCIAL CLUB "The Late 90's" (Platform), single (video)
ARÊTES "I'm So Sober" (feat. Binisa Bonner) (self-released), from Gods EP (free EP download)
ISLET "This Fortune" (Shape Records (Turnstile), from Illuminated People (performance video)
LIZ LAWRENCE "Lips and Eyes" (Young and Lost Club), from Live From No. 82 EP
OUTFIT "Drakes" (Double Denim), from Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again EP
RAPIDS! "Mogadishu" (self-released), from Cold Distribution EP (free EP download)
ODONIS ODONIS "Handle Bars" (FatCat), from Hollandaze (performance video)
OPOSSUM "Blue Meanies" (Fire), from Electric Hawaii (video)
TWO JACKALS "Arrows" (self-released), demo   
THE ANTLERS "Drift Dive" (Anti), from Undersea EP
ILLLS "Teeth" (Sounds Of Sweet Nothing), from Dark Paradise EP (video)
PINS "Eleventh Hour" (self-released), single (video)
DEAP VALLY "Gonna Make My Own Money" (Infrasonic Sound), single (Best Fit session video
HONEY "Fantasist" (self-released), single (free download)
UMA "Wild At Heart" (Seayou), from Drop Your Soul EP
THE FRESH & ONLYS "Yes Or No" (Mexican Summer), from Long Slow Dance

Music via:  Electric Adolescence, EARMILK, No Fear Of Pop, Captain Obvious  


  1. Check out An-Magritt's music video on YouTube:

  2. An-Magritt just released her first album!
    Check it out on: https://itunes.apple.com/no/album/memoriam/id573710730