Monday, July 23, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (19 July)

It's HOT!

I've got another bushel basket full of new artists to introduce you to this week, all earning first plays from me...

YRRS - melodic surf punk by duo from England's south coast.
GHOSTING SEASON - chilled, understated electronic from Manchester duo who'd previously recorded as worriedaboutsatan.
WHISPERY CLUB - anthemic, radio-friendly (dare I say), alt-rock. #oldskool
TRANDCENTION -DIY prog/electronica from 17 y.o. Vermont whiz kid producer Julian Lenz.
BEATROOT - LDN-based trio blends alt-rock, hip-hop, funk, soul, latin, reggae & afrobeat.  No folk.
WAVES OF FURY - garage blooze from the first English band signed to genre champion Alive Records (Buffalo Killers, Soledad Brothers).
[STRANGERS] - dark, anthemic synth-pop. Depeche Mode fans need apply.
INDIANA - pretty pianist earned notices for her take on Frank Ocean's "Swim Good". Shockingly, not a Hoosier!
FRANK EDDIE - aka Fred Deakin, formerly half of Lemon Jelly.
MAFIA LIGHTS - trio plays atmospheric electro-pop with dubstep undertones.
DAUWD - shimmering chillstep from Welsh producer. Damn near perfect.
MELISSA JAMES - jay ay zed zed vocalist who cites Nina Simone & Joni Mitchell as influences.
ADDING MACHINE - Their description: "Early Cocteau guitar shrieks, throbbing post-punk bass and Silver Apples-inspired rhythms writhe beneath Siouxsie-esque macabre-pop tales".  I'm in!
TY SEGALL BAND - you know this guy: he brings teh rawk.

You can hear me play all sorts of (mostly new) music every Thursday on Amazing Radio at 5p Eastern & 2p Pacific (10p UK time).  If you didn't already know, each show is curated by the firm of me, myself & I from music uploaded to the companion Amazing Tunes site.  All shows will, in due time, be archived here on the blog.  Hit the Mixcloud links to access more for your listening pleasure.

WET MOUTH "White Light" (self-released), tba
ARÊTES "I'm So Sober" (feat. Binisa Bonner) (self-released), from Gods EP
CURXES "Spectre" (self-released), single
YRRS "Mob Life" (Keep It Yours), split single (w/ Honeyslide) (video
WHISPERY CLUB "My Home Your House" (self-released), single
YOOFS "Love At 140" (self-released), tba
BEATROOT "Never Be The Same" (self-released), from Beatroot EP (free EP download)
ALPINE "Gasoline" (Ivy League), from A Is For Alpine (video)
WAVES OF FURY "Businessman's Guide to Witchcraft" (Alive), from Thirst
INDIANA "Blind As I Am" (self-released), stream
MAFIA LIGHTS "West" (Luv Luv Luv), single
HOLOGRAMS "ABC City" (Captured Tracks), from Holograms (video)
ADDING MACHINE "Square Piece" (demo) (self-released), free download 
HIGH PLACES "Year Off" (Thrill Jockey), from Original Colors
DAUWD "What's There" (Pictures), from What's There EP
OPOSSUM "Blue Meanies" (Fire), from Electric Hawaii (video)
COVES "Fall Out Of Love" (none), from The Amazing Sessions
TY SEGALL BAND "Wave Goodbye" (In The Red), from Slaughterhouse (Pitchfork Fest performance)
MELISSA JAMES "Don't You Keep Yourself Down" (self-released), from Day Dawns
FRANK EDDIE "That's The Way" (Impotent Fury), single
[STRANGERS] "Safe/Pain" (Beatwolf), single (video)
STILL CORNERS "Endless Summer" (Sub Pop), from Creatures Of An Hour (video)
TRANDCENTION "Striations" (self-released), from Serendipity EP
DIIV "Doused" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin  
LOST BOY "Chew" (Old Flame), from USA USA  
GHOSTING SEASON "Time Without Question" (Last Night On Earth), from The Very Last Of The Saints

Music via:  Side One: Track One, Austin Town Hall 

1 comment:

  1. Another Excellent set of music Mike.
    Listened to the last 90 mints "Live" 4pm usa CT on the 19th and was blown away.
    Had to play the Rewind to grab what i missed the 1st time, and ended up listened the whole show again. wow!

    my faves:
    I'm So Sober
    My_ Home_ Your_ House
    Never Be The Same
    Year Off
    That's The Way
    Endless Summer
    Time Without Question