Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio - The Great Escape Preview (3 May)

Ah, Brighton! The Miami Beach of Britain. Except without much of a beach and a lot less sunshine. Still, as small, north European island nations go, it's as close you'll get. I think you can even spot a few palm trees if you squint closely after a few pints.  But seriously, just as I was fortunate enough to cross the pond for Camden Crawl in 2008, I jetted back over the following year to try out Europe's answer to SXSW, the upstart Great Escape.

While Camden is strung out upon one of London's historically trendy boroughs, TGE is flung across the lovely seaside town of Brighton. While it's always going to be inherently cool to hop from club to club in London Town (and lord knows, I had some late nights there), at the end of the day Brighton wins the prize. There's more bands to see with less hassle moving around, although the venues aren't lined up like 6th Street and Red River in Austin. During those few days I ended up doing a lot of walking, which was no big deal until the rain started coming down sideways.

Also, unless it's changed, Camden is all about seeing the bands (totally fine) but The Great Escape doubles as an industry gathering, holding panel discussions very much like SXSW. Camden used to be held in April, Brighton in May but as of this year, they're being held on back-to-back weekends. One of these days, I'd like to come for one and stick around for the other. However, that'll mean a steep price will be paid to my better half whose idea of a long vacation - shockingly - does not involve standing in clubs watching bands. Isn't that crazy?

Here's my preview of the Festival now ended, as it aired on Amazing Radio. Choice music throughout. Grab a palm tree and dig in.

PEACE "Follow Baby" (Deadly), single (video)
DOLDRUMS "Egypt" (Soulterrain Transmissions), from Egypt
MAMMAL CLUB "Toward You With Lust" (Everybody's Stalking), from "Painting" single (video)
SIMIAN GHOST "Automation" (Heist Or Hit), from Youth (interview)
DEAF CLUB "Sunday" (White On White), single (stream)
BETH JEANS HOUGHTON "Atlas" (Mute), from Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose (video)
EAGULLS "Possessed" (Italian Beach Babes), from Split EP (w/ Mazes)
HUSKY "History's Door" (Sub Pop), from Forever So (video)
BIG WAVE RIDERS "Behind These Walls" (Soliti), from Big Wave Riders EP
GROSS MAGIC "Yesterdays" (Fat Possum), from Teen Jamz EP
DJANGO DJANGO "Storm" (Because), from Django Django (video)
ADMIRAL FALLOW "The Paper Trench" (Nettwerk), from Tree Bursts In Snow (video)
PORCELAIN RAFT "Put Me To Sleep" (Secretly Canadian), from Strange Weekend
RAE MORRIS "Oldest Of New" (Atlantic), tba (performance video)
HOODLUMS "Dark Horses" (Blow The Whistle), single (video)
DISCLOSURE "Tenderly" (Make Mine), from "Tenderly" / "Flow" single (TBB coverage)
SWISS LIPS "U Got The Power" (self-released), single (video)
PINS "Eleventh Hour" (self-released), single (video)
BASTILLE "Flaws" (Young & Lost Club), single (video)
ALT-J "Breezeblocks" (Infectious), from An Awesome Wave (video)
NZCA/LINES "Compass Points" (Loaf), from NZCA/Lines (video)
FEAR OF MEN "Pink Frost" (Comfortable On A Tightrope), from tba compilation
LULU JAMES "Rope Mirage" (self-released), from Rope Mirage EP (video)
FRIENDS “I’m His Girl” (Fat Possum), from Manifest! (video)
ZULU WINTER "Silver Tongue" (Arts & Crafts), from Language (video)
PERFUME GENIUS "Hood" (Matador), from Put Your Back N 2 It
SHABAZZ PALACES "Are You...Can You...Were You (Felt)" (Sup Pop), from Black Up
SEAMS "The Colour Purple" (self-released), from Colours & Maps EP
NEW LOOK "Nap On The Bow" (!K7), from New Look (video)

Music via: mu-sique, Nu Rave Brain Wave, Austin Town Hall, Yours Truly, NME, Largehearted Boy, The Last Python,     

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  1. I had an absolute monster of a weekend at TGE 2012, seeing almost 30 bands and subsisting off of free barbecue and vodka for two straight days.

    My personal highlights that didn't make it into this 'cast: We Were Evergreen, Avalanche City, Half Moon Run, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers, Chew Lips, Lianne La Havas, Paula & Karol, Juveniles and King Charles.

    Like SXSW, queues for Django Django were a mile long, so didn't catch them. Queued for an hour to see Friends, though, and they were worth every second. Probably not quite as manic as Trippple Nippples, but pretty wild nonetheless!