Monday, April 30, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (26 April) - Camden Crawl Preview

This week's Amazing Radio show previews this coming weekend's Camden Crawl in London, which year in and year out presents a terrific assortment of emerging artists.  For 2012, over 340 acts are set to perform over 3 days at 50 clubs and venues across one of the city's trendiest areas.  Like SXSW and CMJ, the Crawl gives attendees the chance to see emerging artists in (mostly) intimate settings.    

I was fortunate enough to attend in 2008, a real thrill for me.  It's where I first got to see Fanfarlo, Robyn, and Sky Larkin.  I also saw performances by The Answering Machine, Stricken City, Ipso Facto, Duels, Lucy & the Caterpillar, all who've since disbanded, serving to highlight the incredible burn rate of the UK music scene.  And while I enjoyed virtually every one of those bands, I could have just as easily been seeing Florence + the Machine, Lykke Li, Metronomy, M83, Los Campesinos!, Wild Beasts, Noah & the Whale, Slow Club, Bombay Bicycle Club, or Cage The Elephant.  Talk about hindsight!

This year's Crawl is now seemingly in direct competition with The Great Escape, which goes on the following week in Brighton, having moved from its previously run dates in May (more about that next week).  Some bands are playing both, but most are opting for one or the other.  If a music fan can swing attending both of them, that's a helluva one-two punch of new & emerging artists.

This week's show features nothing but bands playing the Crawl.  Next week's show will be all-Great Escape artists.  Enjoy.           

VERONICA FALLS "My Heart Beats" (Slumberland), single (video)  
O. CHILDREN "Chimera" (Deadly People), from Apnea 
DAN MANGAN "Post-War Blues" (Arts & Crafts), from Oh Fortune (video)
CLOCK OPERA "Once And For All" (Island), from Ways To Forget (video)
FOE "One Man Down" (Mercury), from Bad Dream Hotline  
KWES "Get Up" (Warp), single  
THE RUMOUR SAID FIRE "The Balcony" (self-released), from The Arrogant (video)  
THEME PARK "Wax" (Transgressive), from Wax EP  
TWO WOUNDED BIRDS "I Think The World Of You" (Moshi Moshi), from "Together Forever" single TROPHY WIFE "Microlite" (Moshi Moshi), single (video)
WEIRD DREAMS "Holding Nails" (Tough Love), from Choreography
KYLA LA GRANGE "Vampire Smile" (Chess Club), single (video)
MONSTA "Holdin' On" (Destroya), single
D/R/U/G/S "Connected" (Moshi Moshi), from Connected EP
LIZ GREEN "Bad Medicine" (PIAS America), from O, Devotion! (video)
ST. LUCIA "We Got It Wrong" (Neon Gold), from St. Lucia EP (video)
DUTCH UNCLES "Cadenza" (Memphis Industries), from Cadenza
SISSY & THE BLISTERS “Let Her Go” (Fierce Panda), single (video)
LADY LESHURR "Lego" (Gutter Strut), single (video)
ALPINES "Ice & Arrows" (Polydor), from Night Drive EP (video)
BRONTIDE "Coloured Tongues" (Holy Roar), single (video)
ELLEN AND THE ESCAPADES "All The Crooked Scenes" (Branch Out), from All The Crooked Scenes (performance video)
SPECTOR "Grey Shirt & Tie" (Polydor), single (video)  
CASHIER No.9 "Death Of Fun" (Bella Union), free download
ZUN ZUN EGUI "Fandango Fresh" (Bella Union), from Katang (video)

Music via: The Insomnia Radio Network, mu-sique, Sparks + Glowsticks, Listen Before You Buy, DJ Squint, The Pop Cop, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Indie, Oh My Rock, The Dadada Music Blog   

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