Friday, March 2, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (23 February)

Some really great stuff in this show....I think BRETON is gonna have their followers especially if you're a fan of other FatCat bands like We Were Promised Jetpacks and THE TWILIGHT SAD (also on the show) although probably have a wider range than both. JESSIE WARE, who sang on SBTRKT's debut, is shaping up to be kind of an indie Sade (you gotta problem with that?)....YOOFS have perfectly captured the sound of underground psychedelia that reminds of a fave of mine from the 80's, Live Skull (anybody? anybody?). That SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS track ("Low Times") is strong, and get a load of WILLY MOON all retro and all. Damn catchy. And for some good old old skool noise rock, hang in there for ODONIS ODONIS, TURF WAR and the return of ALL THE SAINTS who famously, to me, blew their amps during a WOXY session at SXSW a few years back. Good times.

BRETON "Interference" (FatCat), from Other People's Problems
NADA SURF "Waiting For Something" (Barsuk), from The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy
FRIENDS "Friend Crush" (Lucky Number), single (video)
MARIBEL "Jezebel Jive" (Splendour), from Reveries
BATTLEKAT "Into The Forest" (Good Tape), single
CRAIG FINN "Jackson" (Vagrant), from Clear Heart Full Eyes
NIGHTLIFE "Awake" (self-released), from Radio EP
JAGWAR MA "Come Save Me" (The Blue Rider), single (video)
LAUREL COLLECTIVE "They Hate Me" (Tape Club), from Heartbeat Underground (free download)
JESSIE WARE "Running" (PMR/Island), single (video)
PORCELAIN RAFT "Put Me To Sleep" (Secretly Canadian), from Strange Weekend
YOOFS "Hazy Dayz" (self-released), single
SELEBRITIES "Night Heat" (Cascine), single (video)
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS "Low Times" (Vagrant), from Ghostory
THE TWILIGHT SAD "Another Bed" (Fatcat), from No One Can Ever Know
THE ROMLEYS "Shake 'Em On Down" (self-released), tbd
WILLY MOON "Yeah Yeah" (self-released), tbd
ODONIS ODONIS "Handle Bars" (FatCat), from Hollandaze
MiNI dOG "Another Man Done Gone" (n/a), from Juke Joint
ANDREW BIRD "Eyeoneye" (Mom + Pop), from Break It Yourself
ROYAL BATHS "Faster, Harder" (Kanine), from Better Luck Next Life
TENNIS "It All Feels The Same" (Fat Possum), from Young and Old
NZCA/Lines "Compass Points" (Loaf), from NZCA/Lines
CAVEMAN "Old Friend" (Original), from CoCo Beware
ALL THE SAINTS "Half Red, Half Way" (Soulterrain Transmissions), from Intro To Fractions
FANTASY RAINBOW "No Hope. Not Ever" (Tiny Lights), from No Hope. Not Ever
CAGED ANIMALS "Teflon Heart" (Lucky Number), from Eat Their Own
TURF WAR "100 Years" (Old Flame), from Years of Living Dangerously (stream)

Music via: Surviving The Golden Age, Cause Equals Time, Audio Drums, Weird Canada, Pick Up The Headphones, The Dadada,


  1. Hi, Mike. I'm not able to play any of the Amazing Radio shows on your website. Is there a specific plug-in that I need? I've tried different web browsers hoping that one of them would work, but no such luck. Sorry, I'm kind of technologically incompetent.

  2. My Amazing Radio page will display the most recent show. You can also sift through their Rewind archive for any previous shows. However, they're available for a limited time only - like 2 weeks - and I think the embed goes away after that time too. Good news though, Amazing has given me the OK to post the shows on TBB as Mixcloud streams after the 2 weeks on their site has expired. Thanks for asking!

    1. Got it. Thanks, and good luck with SXSW.