Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazing Radio (2 February)

If you missed my show on Amazing Radio the other night, check out the archived audio and tracklisting right here.  I'm on every Thursday 'from' 10p GMT and 'at' 4p ET & 3p CT.  It’s a new kind of radio where everything you hear is sourced entirely from the companion site Amazing Tunes, where artists get 100% of the download revenues.  It’s definitely the first one where all the music comes from new and emerging artists.  And, just so you  know, there are no commercial advertisements.   

If you're an artist: to have a chance of airplay on Amazing Radio, go to Amazing Tunes and create a user account.  Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, then upload as many songs as you want as MP3s.  It has to be new music and you have to own it.

Some really terrific stuff this week.  I didn't care much for TENNIS' debut record beyond the first single but this new, Patrick Carney produced disc is promising.  FAST YEARS is a new Brooklyn band and if their debut single is any indication, they should earn some of the buzz Howler is getting at the moment.  There a bunch of emerging UK bands that might be new to you:  CURXES' new tune has a gothic, retro vibe that fans of Siouxsie should dig; THEME PARK sounds like they've got a a few Talking Heads records in their collection;  and then there's KINNIE THE EXPLORER's psychedelic ambient rock.  

TEAM ME "Dear Sister" (Propeller), from To The Treetops
TENNIS "Origins" (Fat Possum), from Young and Old
FAST YEARS "Young Heart" (self-released), single
KINNIE THE EXPLORER "Scissor Dance" (Alcohol), from Kinnie The Explorer
THEME PARK "Milk" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video
FIRST AID KIT "Emmylou" (Wichita), from The Lion's Roar
SIMIAN GHOST "Wolf Girl" (Heist Or Hit), from Youth (video)
ZULU WINTER "We Should Be Swimming" (PIAS), single (stream)
THE ABC CLUB "Thieving Magpie" (Things To Make and Do), single 
ARRANGE "Sun Showers" (JUKBOXR), from Five Years With The Sun EP
SPOTLIGHT KID "Plan Comes Apart" (Tri-Tone), from Disaster Tourist (video)
CURXES "Haunted Gold" (self-released), tbd
QUADRILLES "Gong Hey Fat Choi" (self-released), free download (video)
WET PAINT "Gone So Long" (Records Records Records), from Woe
BLEECH "Mondays" (n/a), video
DAUGHTER "Run" (demo) (self-released), demo
ERRORS "Tusk" (Rock Action), from Have Some Faith In Magic
SHEARWATER "Breaking The Yearlings" (Sub Pop), from Animal Joy
DEVIN "You’re Mine" (Frenchkiss), from You're Mine EP
PLAITUM "She Speaks Spanish" (self-released), free download
BRETON "Interference" (edit) (FatCat), from Other People's Problems
MMOTHS "Heart" (feat. Keep Shelly In Athens) (SQE), from Mmoths EP
APPLE RABBITS "I Could Not Care Less" (Kilburn State), from Kilburn State
SARAH WILLIAMS WHITE "Hide The Cracks" (Strangers remix) (self-released), free download
CORRIDOR "Pieces of Work" (Manimal Vinyl), from Real Late
NEW LOOK "Nap On The Bow" (!K7), from New Look
BLONDES "Wine" (RVNG Intl.), from Blondes

Music via: Earmilk, Electric Panda Music, mu-sique, The Burning Ear, The Music Wins, Austin Town Hall  


  1. You outdid yourself again Mike, a great set.

  2. Team Me: great song

    First Aid Kit: Perfect voices and great lyrics.

    Love that,