Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Heard It Here First: Mike Taylor joins Amazing Radio

It's with great pride to announce that your Humble Curator will be hosting a weekly show on Amazing Radio. The two-hour program airs Thursdays from 10p GMT, 5p ET & 4p CT starting tomorrow.  This won't interfere with my work for KUT and DIY Radio so if you like hearing me and the music I play, well, there's just more to love.

Amazing Radio is based in Gateshead, England, and available throughout the UK on DAB (digital) and online worldwide. Amazing is the only national UK radio station dedicated exclusively to playing new and emerging music and my friends, that is no joke.

Amazing Radio is affiliated with Amazing Tunes, where music lovers can stream songs uploaded to the site, create playlists, buy music and grab free downloads.  Artists can upload their music and keep 100% of all sales profits.  Registration is super easy.  It'll take just a second, so go there right now and do it. 

Each of my shows will not only be archived but you can listen to the station on a time-shifted basis from each US time zone. I'll embed each show's archive here on the blog shortly after they're available, or you can visit my page on the Amazing site and stream it from there.  Believe me when I say there's a lot to like and I know you will. 

As with KUT & DIY, I'm honored be joining a lineup full of fantastic music radio people, all known for their keen ear for discovering and presenting new, exciting sounds.  I hope you'll listen.


  1. Congrats Mike - seems like a great fit. I'm glad that the internet is giving you more and more opportunities to do what you do best - introduce us to new bands and music.

    How many months ago did you break that Gotye song? ;)

  2. Good work as always Mike. Congrats on the new gig. Listened in a little to ar today and was digging it. Sounds like a good fit.

    Hope to see you at south by this year.

  3. News of more hours of Mike Taylor shows is always good news! Looking forward to it (and I had also noticed your call on Gotye before I started hearing it on pop radio during my morning commutes!)

  4. That's great news, Mike. Congratulations. I still miss WOXY, but your shows keep that spirit alive.

  5. this is the coolest match-up yet! thanks for all you do mike!