Friday, January 27, 2012

My Amazing Radio Debut (27 January)

If you missed my first show on Amazing Radio yesterday, fear not. Here's the tracklisting to give you a sense of what was played. Alas, the archived audio was only online for a limited time and I failed to secure a copy for myself. That's since changed, and I've posted every show from mid-February forward.

For my debut I pulled a ton of great tracks, all from the Amazing Tunes site, stuff I've not played on TBB for DIY Radio: ERRORS, 2:54, BRETON, ZULU WINTER, MILK MAID.  Plus, as a way of introducing myself to the Amazing audience, I spun a handful of favorites from the last few years just to give 'em an idea of what this new, funny soundin' guy was like. Hear it live on Amazing Thursdays from 10p GMT, 5p ET, 4p CT & 2p PT.

DJANGO DJANGO "Default" (Because), from Django Django
ERRORS "Pleasure Palaces" (Rock Action), from Have Some Faith In Magic (video)
FRIENDS "Friends Crush" (Lucky Number), single (video)
WILD FLAG "Romance" (Merge), from Wild Flag
FANTASY RAINBOW "Cool Ridge" (Tiny Lights), from Teens EP (video)
ZULU WINTER "We Should Be Swimming" (PIAS), single (stream)
SHEARWATER "Breaking The Yearlings" (Sub Pop), from Animal Joy
MAX & GABRIELLE "Lights" (self-released), free download
I BREAK HORSES "Winter Beats" (Bella Union), from Hearts
ALT-J "Fitzpleasure" (self-released), download
BRETON "The Commission" (FatCat), from Other People's Problems (video)
SKY LARKIN "Molten" (Wichita), from The Golden Spike (video)
WE HAVE BAND "Watertight" (Naive), from Ternion
BLONDES "Wine" (RVNG Intl.), from Blondes
PLAITUM "Temptress" (self-released), free download (TBB coverage)
POOR MOON "People In Her Mind" (Sub Pop), from Illusion EP
CLOUD NOTHINGS "Hey Cool Kid" (Carpark), from Turning On
THOSE DANCING DAYS "Those Dancing Days" (Wichita), from In Our Space Hero Suits (video)
TEAM ME "With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have a Look At You Now" (Propeller), from To The Treetops
AIR CASTLES "Falling To Pieces" (Winter Hymns), single (stream)
WORK DRUGS "Swimmer Girl" (self-released), from Aurora Lies (video)
SPOTLIGHT KID "Plan Comes Apart" (Tri-Tone), from Disaster Tourist (video)
MILK MAID "Not Me" (FatCat), from Yucca (video)
MILAGRES "Glowing Mouth" (Kill Rock Stars), from Glowing Mouth
2:54 "Scarlet" (Fiction). from Scarlet EP (video)
STILL CORNERS "Endless Summer" (Sub Pop), from Creatures Of An Hour
YOUTH LAGOON "Cannons" (Fat Possum), from The Year of Hibernation
DUM DUM GIRLS "Bedroom Eyes" (Sub Pop), from Only In Dreams

Tracks via: Pitchfork, Epitonic


  1. VERY cool, Sir and always glad so see you continuing on with what you love. Best regards going forward.

  2. Thanks for posting, an old Woxy friend ...

  3. Thanks for showing me a new music site and what a wonderful show! Thanks for doing this; continuing to introducing us to new music. I don't have WOXY anymore, but this is pretty cool. I love listening to your shows and now there's 2! :) cheers!