Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 39

There's 29 tunes stuffed into this week’s show and yet, I still found time to talk a bit.  I’m playing 14 artists for the first time including THE 2 BEARS, HOWLER, ALT-J, NICOLAS JAAR, BEAR IN HEAVEN, GRACE WOODROOFE, PLANNINGTOROCK, PHLO FINISTER, THE BIG SLEEP, DEATH RATTLE, THE COUCH and AZEALIA BANKS, who finally released a tune clean enough for me to play.  Hear the return of THE SHINS and A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS; plus I’ll revisit records by GIRL IN A COMA, ST. LUCIA, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE and ALABAMA SHAKES.  My Wild Card Pick this week is from a band that, seemingly, drew up the blueprint for HOWLER.  At least I think so.  Think you know ‘em?  Press play to listen and find out.

THE 2 BEARS "Work" (DFA), from Be Strong (video)
PHLO FINISTER "Bang Bang" (Yolo), from Crown Gold EP (free download)
THE SHINS "Simple Song" (Columbia), from Port of Marrow
FRACTURES "Nicotine" (self-released), free download
WE HAVE BAND "Watertight" (Naive), from Ternion
NICOLAS JAAR "With Just One Glance You" (self-released), free download
ALT-J "Tessellate" (self-released), free download
GIRL IN A COMA "Adjust" (Blackheart), from Exits & All The Rest
BEAR IN HEAVEN "The Reflection of You" (Dead Oceans/Hometapes), from I Love You, It's Cool
PLAITUM "Temptress" (self-released), free download (TBB coverage)
ST. LUCIA "We Got It Wrong" (HeavyRoc), from single
A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS "So Far Away" (Dead Oceans), from Onwards To The Wall EP 
OF MONTREAL "Dour Percentage" (Polyvinyl), from Paralytic Stalks
GRACE WOODROOFE "Transformer" (Modular/Fontana), from Always Want
GUIDED BY VOICES "Spiderfighter" (GBV, Inc.), from Let's Go Eat The Factory
PLANNINGTOROCK "My Valuable Hunting Knife" (DFA), from DFA Holiday 2011 Compilation
FLORENCE + THE MACHINE "Lover To Lover" (Universal Republic), from Ceremonials
THE BIG SLEEP "Ace" (Frenchkiss), from Nature Experiments
HOWLER "Back To The Grave" (Rough Trade), from Give Up America
LANA DEL REY "National Anthem" (Interscope), from Born To Die
VICTORIES AT SEA "Future Gold" (self-released), single (video)
THE COUCH "The Way You Came" (self-released), from Old & Touchin' Blue
ARTHUR BEATRICE "What We Hoped To Achieve" (self-released), n/a (TBB coverage)
SIMIAN GHOST "Wolf Girl" (Heist Or Hit), from Youth (video)
ALABAMA SHAKES "You Ain't Alone" (self-released), from Alabama Shakes EP
DJANGO DJANGO "Default" (Because), from Django Django
AZEALIA BANKS "NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND)" (self-released), free download
DEATH RATTLE "The Dig" (self-released), free download (video

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  1. I love the photos you choose to headline your posts.

    Also, the music. Yeah, definitely the music.