Wednesday, January 4, 2012

LISTEN: The Big Beat 'cast 37

Unless you’re still nostalgic for 2011, let’s move forward with a bunch of new music on 2012’s first edition of The Big Beat 'cast.  This week, I’m spinning 16 artists for the first time including DOLDRUMS, WORK DRUGS, MOZART PARTIES, BEN KWELLER, DR. DOG, VICTORIES AT SEA, MINT JULEP and more.  Plus, I’m launching a new feature: my Wild Card Pick of the Week, where I’ll dip into my personal collection to play something a little out of the norm.  This week’s selection is a stone cold classic.  Press play to start the show.

DOLDRUMS "I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here In My Satellite" (No Pain In Pop)
MINT JULEP "Aviary" (Village Green), from Save Your Season (video) 
MOZART PARTIES "Where Has Everybody Gone?" (self-released), from Memory Thunderstorm EP
DR. DOG "That Old Black Hole" (Anti), from Be The Void
FOLKS "Skull and Bones" (Big Flame), from I See Cathedrals
BEN KWELLER "Jealous Girl" (The Noise Company), from Go Fly a Kite
NERVES JUNIOR "As Bright As Your Night Light" (sonaBLAST!), from As Bright As Your Night Light
VICTORIES AT SEA "Future Gold" (self-released), single (video)
GOTYE "Smoke and Mirrors" (Universal Republic), from Making Mirrors
THE BAMBOOS FEAT. MEGAN WASHINGTON "The Wilhelm Scream" (Tru Thoughts), single
WORK DRUGS "Swimmer Girl" (self-released), from Aurora Lies (video)
FANTASY RAINBOW "Cool Ridge" (Tiny Lights), from Teens EP (video)
NIGHT FRUIT "Dark Horse" (Forty Four Distro), single
MAX & GABRIELLE "Lights" (self-released), free download
Mike’s Wild Card Pick of the Week
JUST AN ANIMAL "Kamikaze" (self-released), from Lonely Hunter
TRAILER TRASH TRACYS "You Wish You Were Red" (Double Six / Domino), from Ester (video)
FOTOSHOP "Becoming Zen" (self-released), from Lifeforms
SOLA ROSA FEAT. IVA LAMKUM "Turn Around" (Melting Pot), from Get It Together
FEAR OF MEN "Doldrums"(self-released), from Alice Munro Demos
THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE "Mallory" (Rough Trade), single (video)
THE ABC CLUB "Get Set Go" (MAP), free download (EPK)
PLAITUM "Late Night TV" (self-released), free download
REHEARSED LIVING "Hurdles" (self-released), free download
TOY CAMERA "Tall Trees" (self-released), from Blissful Youth EP (video)

Music via: Over Muziek, Austin Town Hall, Faronheit, Buzzbands LA, Tympanogram, Altered Zones (R.I.P.), A New Band A Day, Indie Here

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  1. Fan-tastic. Definitely on board. Dr. Dog takes me back :: the playlist in itself was amazing.