Friday, January 6, 2012

HEAR / NOW: Arthur Beatrice

One song.

For me, that's all it takes. Give me one song from a new band that rings my bell, blows my mind, etc., and I'm smitten. And if I'm that taken, I don't need to wait for more. I'm off to the web to learn who/what/when/where and so on. Thanks to my friend Giselle, I was directed to ARTHUR BEATRICE. Boy, what a good call.

A quartet from London with absolutely zero releases to date, names like The Sundays, The Smiths, and The xx have popped up in coverage and for starters, those are reasonable touchstones to toss out. As you can tell from their site, they're keeping their cards pretty close to the chest. Still shrouded in mystery, they don't have much for anyone to go on. At all. Paul Lester's excellent New Band Of The Day column squeezed out about everything that's known about the group. But this performance video of "What We Hoped To Achieve" should be all you need. It's all I needed.

What We Hoped To Achieve (Recorded Live at Flesh + Bone) from ululation on Vimeo.

They're SXSW-bound so hopefully some music will appear prior to that. In any event, when I get more from Arthur Beatrice, you'll hear more. It could turn out that they'll be - indeed - golden in 2012.

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  1. thanks mike! glad you like them as much as i do ...