Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Bamboos - "The Wilhelm Scream" (James Blake cover)

Here's reason #52,864 why I love curated (read: DJ) radio:  I hear something that makes an instant connection, and then I'm off trolling the web to find out more.  I love the immediacy of hearing it, falling for it, wanting more right then and now.  As a radio host and blogger, the next step is to play it for you. 

So, props to fellow DIY Radio host Nick Taylor (no relation) for dropping this stunner during his Unmapped show yesterday.  Self-described as Australia's "greatest modern funk and soul band", The Bamboos strike me as fitting nicely alongside the Dap-Kings and Budos Band on the Daptone label.   Here's their soulful take on James Blake's "The Wilhelm Scream" released as a one-off limited edition single, aided by Aussie indie/jazz singer Megan Washington (who records as Washington).

[MP3] The Bamboos feat. Megan Washington "The Wilhelm Scream"


  1. holy crap, excellent track.
    thanks for pointing this out- you returned the favor

  2. LOVE James Blake's, but this is great!! This is a really fun version of the song. Thanks so much for sharing.

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