Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Big Beat 'cast 31

Hiya Gang! Steve Kirk, who I grew up listening to on WING-AM in Dayton, Ohio.

This week's Big Beat'cast has kind of a laid back, chilled vibe to it which speaks to the surge of electronic-based artists at the forefront of today's indie scene. Example: the largest crowd I saw at this past weekend's Fun Fun Fest may have been for M83 (and whose Hurry Up, We're Dreaming debuted at #15 on the US album chart).

On TBB 31, I'll spin more from the new discs by JAMES BLAKE, YOUTH LAGOON, ALABAMA SHAKES, and DAUGHTER; give you new tracks from CLOUD NOTHINGS, FACTORY FLOOR, and KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS.  Plus, I'll give first spins to new artists FOTOSHOP, ST. LUCIA, and REHEARSED LIVING. But I suppose the big story this week is the reemergence of veterans MAZZY STAR, ORBITAL, and the "classic lineup" of GUIDED BY VOICES.  The show kicks off with the first new music in years from each of them.

And speaking of GBV, I'm headed back to Ohio to see family and friends later this week. I haven't spent any appreciable time in Dayton in several years, so I'm looking forward to see what's changed, what hasn't and if the hostess at The Pine Club is still the craggy ol' you-know-what she's been since I was a kid. (I've heard it's gone downhill in recent years, but it's one of the few touchstones of the old Gem City I still, ahem, pine for. Nostalgic sap.)

Also - all of the hyperlinks below are downloads.  I just got tired of putting [MP3] or [DOWNLOAD] in front of 'em.  But you probably knew that, right? 

GUIDED BY VOICES "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" (GBV Inc.), from Let's Go Eat The Factory
MAZZY STAR "Common Burn" (Rhymes Of An Hour), single
ORBITAL "Never" (n/a), free download
DAUGHTER "Medicine" (Communion), from The Wild Youth EP
JAMES BLAKE "A Case of You" (Universal/Republic), from Enough Thunder EP
FOTOSHOP "Too Little, Too Late" (self-released), from Lifeforms
CLOUD NOTHINGS "No Future/No Past" (Carpark), from Attack On Memory
EVANS THE DEATH "I'm So Unclean" (Fortuna POP!), from "Threads" / "I'm So Unclean" single
WASHED OUT "Call It Off" (Weird World), from "Amor Fati" single
ST. LUCIA "We Got It Wrong" (self-released), from St. Lucia EP
MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND "High Low Middle" (Asthmatic Kitty), from All Things Will Unwind
SPECTRALS "Big Baby" (Slumberland), from Bad Penny
ELEPHANT "Assembly" (Memphis Industries), from Assembly EP
REHEARSED LIVING "Expectations" (self-released), free download 
GIRL IN A COMA "Smart" (Blackheart), from Exits & All The Rest
M + A "Liko Lene Lisa" (Monotreme), from things.yes
COLD CAVE "Youth & Lust" (Matador), from Love Comes Close
FACTORY FLOOR "Two Different Ways" (DFA), single
ALABAMA SHAKES "I Found You" (self-released), from Alabama Shakes EP
DIRTY PROJECTORS "Cannibal Resource" (Domino), from Bitte Orca
LUSCIOUS JACKSON "Citysong" (Grand Royal/Capitol), from Natural Ingredients
FRIENDS "I'm His Girl" (Lucky Numbers), single
KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS "Lazy Noon" (Forest Family), from Our Own Dream EP
YOUTH LAGOON "Cannons" (Fat Possum), from The Year of Hibernation
120 DAYS "Dale Disco" (n/a), n/a
THE MOOR "Warm Winter" (Dilettante), from The Moor

Tracks via: Stereogum, Pitchfork, Tympanogram, Superfan2011, mu-sique, Audiocred, Pasta Primavera, Some Of It Was True!, Tastes Like Caramel, Rollo & Grady 

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  1. Can't wait to listen to this week's edition. Have a good trip back home. I used to love hitting up Dominic's when I'd go back to Dayton (the same people worked there for years and years), but sadly it's no more. A new favorite is Thai 9 in the Oregon District.