Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Beat 'cast 33: The 2011 Rookie Class

While others may be rushing to post their Best-Of-Everything lists, The Big Beat recognizes that the year’s not quite over yet.  So while I feverishly listen to more music, study charts and make lists (you’d think I was preparing for a fantasy football draft), I thought this’d be a good time to take another listen to some of the artists that have yet to release their full-length debut.  The rookie class of 2011.  Virtually all of ‘em are poised to make a bigger splash in the new year, so listen up for what the future holds in store.

THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE "Tug" (Roundtable), free download
SULK "Wishes" (self-released), single
LANA DEL REY “Video Games” (Stranger), "Video Games" / "Blue Jeans" single
HELLA BETTER DANCER "Hundred Balloons" (Roundhouse), from Swimming EP
FRANK OCEAN "Thinking About You" (Zone 4), from (V/A) Legs Up Face Down Part 2
STAY+ "Stay Positive" (Double Denim), single
PURITY RING "Ungirthed" (self-released), single
CURXES “Creatures” (self-released), from “Creatures”/”Jaws” single
DAUGHTER “Love” (Communion), from The Wild Youth EP
WORLD TOUR "Sparks" (Cascine), single  
GUNG HO “Twin Rays” (self-released), single
BNLX "Burn The Boats" (Susstones), from EP #5
ALABAMA SHAKES "I Found You" (self-released), from Alabama Shakes EP
ELEPHANT "Wolf Cry" (Memphis Industries), from "Ants" / "Wolf Cry" single
KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS "Campus Martius" (Planet Mu), from Campus Martius EP
BOS ANGELES "Beach Slalom" (self), from "Days Of Youth" / "Beach Slalom" single
ABADABAD "Indiana" (self-released), single
FRIENDS "I'm His Girl" (Lucky Numbers), single
TROPICAL POPSICLE "The Age of Attraction" (Volar), from The Age of Attraction EP
OUTFIT “Vehicles” (Double Denim), from "Two Islands" / "Vehicles" single
SPIRIT SISTERS "Up" (self-released), free download
HALLS "Kaleidoscope" (self-released), from Halls EP
SLOWDANCE "Sweetness" (self-released), from Light & Color EP
FIXERS "Amsterdam" (self-released), single
FEAR OF MEN "Phantom Limb" (Sex Is Disgusting), from Hanna Schygulla Demos
MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY “King Complex” (Lost Balloon), from King Complex EP
COLD SPECKS “Holland” (paradYse), single
HOSPITALITY "Betty Wang" (Merge), from Hospitality


  1. Looking forward to hearing it. Will you be posting a download of Big Beat 32?

  2. Hi Joe -

    Not gonna post a DL for TB 32. Instead, I've compiled the (available) songs in a Spotify playlist: http://open.spotify.com/user/thebigbeatblog/playlist/72Aqxiaa1LZ8WcMUAzDKh5

    You can listen to that, or the full-bodied version via the Mixcloud widget. There will be a DL for TBB 33 posted shortly. Thanks! -mt

  3. Nice show, lots of thing to look forward to.
    You might also like this guy

  4. yay to frank ocean and daughter!!!