Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Big Beat 'cast 32

Be listening to DIY Radio today at 4pm Eastern, 3p Central & 2100 BST for an all-new edition of the Big Beat'cast.  The show's back to a healthy two hours this week but in preparation, I was faced with a bit of a quandry....

What to do when the stream of new music trickles to a drip and you’re not quite set for the year-end list-o-mania?  You go to the vault!  Since 1991 is getting all the attention, and because you can only celebrate a 25-year anniversary once, we’ll take a fond look back at the music of 1986.  It’s a year when college radio broke all the cool bands, major labels actually cared about music and the influence of a little cassette tape was felt far and wide.  This week’s Beat'cast is both a history lesson and an audio archive.  So follow me into the wayback machine, with the course set for 1986….. do you remember?  

If you're unable to tune into DIY today, or just can't wait, press play below.  The tracklisting is after the jump.    

LOVE AND ROCKETS “Kundalini Express” (Big Time), from Express
VIOLENT FEMMES “Children of the Revolution” (Slash), from The Blind Leading The Naked
AGE OF CHANCE “Kiss” (Virgin), from Crush Collision EP
THE FALL “Mr. Pharmacist” (Beggars Banquet), from Bend Sinister
THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS “Happy Head” (Sire), from Happy Head
HUSKER DU “Don’t Want To Know If You’re Lonely” (WB), from Candy Apple Grey
TALKING HEADS “Puzzlin’ Evidence” (Sire), from True Stories
MINISTRY “All Day (Remix)” (Sire), from Twitch
KATE BUSH “Experiment IV” (EMI), from The Whole Story
THE CHAMELEONS UK “Swamp Thing” (Geffen), from Strange Times
THE FEELIES “Slipping (Into Something)” (Twin/Tone), from The Good Earth
SHOP ASSISTANTS “I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You” (Blue Guitar), from Will Anything Happen
NEW ORDER “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Qwest), from Brotherhood
BEASTIE BOYS “Fight For Your Right” (Def Jam), from Licensed To Ill
RUN–D.M.C. “It’s Tricky” (Profile/Arista), from Raising Hell
THE SMITHS “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (Sire), from The Queen Is Dead
TALK TALK “Happiness Is Easy” (EMI), from The Colour of Spring
THE PASTELS “Breaking Lines” (none), from NME”s C86 compilation
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES “Cities In Dust” (Geffen), from Tinderbox
JOE JACKSON “Right and Wrong” (A&M), from Big World
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. “Rise” (Elektra), from album
CICCONE YOUTH “Into The Groove(y)” (Geffen), from The Whitey Album
COCTEAU TWINS “Love’s Easy Tears” (4AD), single
R.E.M. “Fall On Me” (I.R.S.), from Lifes Rich Pageant 
THE GODFATHERS “I Want Everything” (Link), from Hit by Hit
THE SOUP DRAGONS “Pleasantly Surprised” (Sire), from Hang-Ten!
THE CRAMPS “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?” (Big Beat), from A Date With Elvis


  1. Great show, first time I'd had a chance to listen 'live' on DIY rather than as a download. Reminded me of when I moved to Cincinnati in fall of 86 and just started listening to WOXY my own 25 yr anniversary with this music. Ironic the WOXY boards went off line the same day.
    Thanks again for the show (and your big part of the past 25 yrs of music I only got to hear because of WOXY and now TBB!)

  2. I didn't think I'd like this one but I did! I won't tell you what a 10 year old kid growing up in borderline middle-of-nowhere Canada was listening to in 1986 (*cough* Gowan *cough*) - but I really dug this episode. Mike, it's super easy to tell that you know a ton about music from this era - you didn't really need to do much "research" and just got on the mic held court. Thanks!

    Super excited for some sort of best of 2011 from you as the WOXY countdown was always can't miss.

  3. @DoubleA ... I grew up in Toronto (listening to CFNY) and Gowan et al were why I hated most Canadian music until about (ish) 10 years ago ...

    still love swamp thing by the chameleons uk