Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shameless Plug: 'Music with Mike Taylor' on KUT

I know many of you came across The Big Beat as a result of my many years at WOXY. Truthfully, I was always warned against getting into radio as a career, so after college I went another way. Nevertheless, I started at WOXY in a part-time role mainly as a hobby, working off and on until 1999, when I left a corporate job and dove in full-time. Hung with it through its ups and downs, right through its relocation to Austin and closure last year. (WOXY's owners Future Sounds finally went out of business itself recently).

Last September, I joined KUT here in Austin on a part-time basis. KUT is, literally, one of the highest rated and most successful public broadcasters in the country. Since then, I've been hosting the news/talk programming block on Saturday mornings and have occasionally filled-in as a host on both prime time news and evening music programs. I've also worked behind the scenes in a few different areas and provided production assistance to the most recent volumes of their KUT Live CD.

Starting tonight, I'll be hosting my own regularly scheduled music program, 'Music with Mike Taylor', on Tuesday & Wednesday nights from 11p to 3a local time. (Note: most of the station's shows are titled 'Music with (Host's name)'.

Straight up: KUT is an adult alternative (AAA) formatted station, albeit well left of center than most others in the format: everything from rock, soul, blues, country, jazz, indie and electronica. You'll hear me play music that I might never feature on the blog or the Beat'cast and vice versa. Still, there's a lot of crossover between the two. I'm pleased that they're committed to presenting quality music, emerging sounds and artists of all stripes, and being second to none in supporting music from local Austin & Texas artists. Here's KUT's latest airplay list.

So, whether it's last call in the East, late night in the ATX, or your wake up call in the EU, I hope you'll give me a listen: kut.org.

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that you are back on the air. I love the Beatcasts, but it will be great to hear you live.