Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Big Beat 'cast 27

Turning people onto new bands and new music they may not hear otherwise is what I enjoy most in this blog/podcast endeavor.  And so that's why I'm really into this week's show:  it's heavy on new discoveries like FIDLAR, TASHAKI MIYAKI from the West Coast, OUTFIT, DAUGHTER, EVANS THE DEATH and TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS from the UK, M + A from Italy and FRIENDS from NYC.  Not forgetting the ATX, there's BOY + KITE and FOLLOW THAT BIRD.   And what's going on Down Under?  Found a lot great new bands from Australia for this show: TWERPS, GUNG HO, and MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY.  Then, there's new music from WILCO, ST. VINCENT, DUM DUM GIRLS, REAL ESTATE, and THE TWILIGHT SAD.   

And if that's not enough, we'll look back 20 years to some of 1991's most important releases.  Unquestionably an extremely important year in popular music. 

DUM DUM GIRLS “In My Head” (Sub Pop), from Only In Dreams
THE STRANGE BOYS “Me and You” (Rough Trade), from Live Music (via Largehearted Boy)
FIDLAR “Bummed” (n/a), n/a (via Rollo & Grady)  
NIRVANA “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Geffen), from Nevermind
OUTFIT “Two Islands” (Double Denim), single
ST. VINCENT “Cheerleader” (4AD/Beggars), from Strange Mercy
TWERPS “Dreamin” (Underwater Peoples), from Twerps (via Pitchfork)
R.E.M. “Texarkana” (WB), from Out Of Time
M + A “Liko Lene Lisa” (Monotreme), from things.yes (via Some Of It Was True!)
WILCO “Art Of Almost” (dBpm/Anti), from The Real Love (via Visble Voicei)
MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY “King Complex” (Lost Balloon), from King Complex EP (via Pick Up The Headphones)
MASSIVE ATTACK “Unfinished Sympathy” (Virgin), from Blue Lines
FRIENDS “I’m His Girl” (Lucky Numbers), single (via mu-sique)
BOY + KITE “Think In Stereo” (self-released), from Go Fly (via Citizen Dick)
EVANS THE DEATH “Threads” (Fortuna POP!), single (via Superfan 2011)
PIXIES “Subbacultcha” (Elektra), from Trompe le Monde
GUNG HO “Twin Rays” (self-released), single (via Ride The Tempo)
THE TWILIGHT SAD “Kill It In The Morning” (FatCat), from No One Can Ever Know
DAUGHTER “Love” (Communion), from The Wild Youth EP
PRIMAL SCREAM “Loaded” (Sire), from Screamadelica
RITES WILD “Seasonal Shine” (Faux Friends), single (via No Fear Of Pop)


  1. texarcana....good call. no one ever plays that.

  2. Mike, everything you're putting up is so god damn solid!! Seriously lovin it. Check out what the dudes have to say about the jams -

    keep up the goodness,