Friday, May 20, 2011

Other Lives - Tamer Animals

Stillwater, Oklahoma. Home of Oklahoma State University and, no offense, probably not a musical hotbed. Perhaps that'll change with the release of the second full-length from OTHER LIVES.

Signed to industry heavyweight Phil Costello's tbd label, Radiohead's American home, Other Lives should appeal to fans who dig the same lush but moody orchestration the 'head have been known for. Tamer Animals has a beautifully dense quality that envelopes the listener, really hitting its stride with one-two mid-section punch of the title track and "Dust Bowl III", no doubt drawing inspiration from their geographical origin in the Sooner state.  Don't sit on this one.

The band is currently on tour in the US through mid-July (Austin: June 24 @ The Parish, opening for The Rosebuds).

The title track is included on The Big Beat'cast 15.

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  1. wow these guys sound really solid. their live performances on youtube are flawless