Monday, April 25, 2011

New Tunes Tuesday / The Big Beat 'cast 13

Bigger, badder and back like a heart attack, here comes the latest and greatest Big Beat'cast. A weekly fairly regular selection of handpicked tunes - mostly new - curated by yours truly. Simply press play to stream the show in its entirety and relive the experience of yesteryear: not actually knowing what comes next. Y'know, kinda like radio. Retro! Or, simply download it and listen at your leisure. If'n you wanna peek, the tracklisting is after the jump.

The Big Beat 'cast 13 - 26 April 2011 by The Big Beat on Mixcloud

ELBOW "The Birds" (Fiction), from Build A Rocket Boys!
FLEET FOXES "Bedouin Dress" (Sub Pop), from Helplessness Blues
TV ON THE RADIO "Second Song" (Interscope), from Nine Types of Light
RADIOHEAD "The Butcher" (self-released), from 12" single
THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART "My Terrible Friend" (Slumberland), from Belong
CRYSTAL STILTS "Through The Floor" (Slumberland), from In Love With Oblivion
SUEDE "Metal Mickey" (Columbia), from Suede
WHITE HILLS "Upon Arrival" (Thrill Jockey), from H-p1
YOUNGER BROTHER "Train" (Twisted), from Vaccine
KATE BUSH "Deeper Understanding" (Fish People/EMI), from Director's Cut
THE NATIONAL "Exile Vilify" (self-released), from the videogame Portal 2
MOON DUO "Mazes" (Sacred Bones), from Mazes
THE BRIGHT LIGHT SOCIAL HOUR "Shanty" (self-released), from The Bright Light Social Hour


  1. Younger Brother track, that is in the wheel house...

  2. A very strong, consistantly powerful and entertaining 73 minutes of Music ! Thanks Mike.
    I really loved the Fleet Foxes, TV on the Radio, and Younger Brother (added them to the list of 'definite to buy' next time I'm at Amoeba San Fransico) and, wow, The National (where can I get this song w/o buying a vid game?)

  3. Totally dig White Hills, nice line up overall!