Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's Talk About Blog, Vol. 2

...because there really was a Volume 1.  Just sayin'.

So, this 3-week hiatus has made for a pretty tidy break from the blogosphere.  To be honest, I probably went over two weeks between logins here and, for the most part, that's extended to Facebook and Twitter as well.  I'm telling you, my Klout score has been in freefall!  Truthfully?  I've enjoyed the break.

Now, before anyone gets the idea that I'm backing away from this li'l endeavor, well you're just wrong there, bub (or bubette, I s'pose).  But you know how whenever a sports season ends, you tend to take a little time away? I mean, unless you're just crazy nuts about (American) football, for example, after the Super Bowl you tend to give it a breather, right?   Same thing after the Champions League or World Cup final, it's not like talk at the watercooler is going to be who's gonna be in the semis in 12 months time.  It's chill.  Well, for as much as I (and this blog) had whipped myself into a fine froth over SXSW last month, to me, it was like the season-ending championship game.  It felt like my entire blogging pursuit had been leading up to that.  So when it finished, I sought that season-ending break.  Got me? 

It's also given me time to think about the direction of TBB and how best to proceed. I genuinely love curating the Beat'cast, putting it together and digging up new artists to share, so that'll continue. While I take a lot of pride and put a lot of effort into composing a li'l blurb about each Beat'cast selection (I find disseminating information essential), it's awfully time consuming and from a standpoint of eyeballs, it simply doesn't matter. Just slapping up some links often yields the same amount of traffic, or more. While I've no intention to fundamentally change NTT or the Beat'cast, I'll probably chop up the info into multiple posts over an extended period of time. Less pressure of a deadline, more bang from each post.

So, let me sign off here and get to work on this week's Beat'cast.  It should be to go by Tuesday.  This Tuesday, that is.  Thanks for hangin' with me.


  1. Mike - looking forward to 2.0. Always want to see what you got for us! Thanks and keep it going (at whatever frequency).

  2. great to hear you're still happening!

  3. As always and whenever --- looking forward to it Mike! Now we just need our Reds to string a few wins together!

  4. i understand the need to decompress. thanks for sticking around!

  5. Whatever's good for you Mike! I love the tbbc and whenver it comes out listen to it while cycling around for my job. Whatever makes it easier for you to continue doing it. You dont owe us anything.