Friday, February 18, 2011

WATCH: Radiohead - "Lotus Flower". CD Coming Out TODAY

Radiohead continues to make headlines. The Guardian, who is live blogging The King of Limbs release fer chrissakes, posted an e-mail sent earlier today by a representative from XL Recordings:

Radiohead have brought forward the digital release of their new album "The King Of Limbs" by 24 hours with the album now being sent to those who pre-ordered it earlier this week. It is also available for new orders through at a fixed price of £6. A special edition is also available.

With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release by a day rather than wait until the planned date of Saturday, Feb 19 to deliver the music.

Order The King of Limbs here. In the meantime, the band's released a video for "Lotus Flower", apparently confirming Thom Yorke's love for Marcel Marceu.

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