Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Tunes Tuesday / The Big Beat 'cast 09

Because you need a place to give you all of the good stuff in one place, there's The Big Beat'cast. It's my wrap-up of new tunes that I think you need to know about, plus a few others to season the mix.

THE WHITE STRIPES "Conquest" (Third Man / WB), from Icky Thump - Ah, it's the least I could do to commemorate their calling it quits. You can read about my own encounter with Jack White a few posts back.

[DOWNLOAD] DAVID WAX MUSEUM "Born With A Broken Heart" (self), from Everything Is Saved - A quick once over of The Big Beat would reveal that folk music isn't my favorite genre. That's not to say I disdain it. Let's just say I'm kind of particular about what floats my boat. In that regard, the David Wax Museum does nicely thankyouverymuch. A duo from Boston, their just-released 3rd disc is a spirited and uniquely exotic mix of rootsy Americana & Mexican folk influenced by son jarocho music from south of the border. Yes, dude's name is David Wax. (via Music Savage)

[DOWNLOAD] COLD CAVE "The Great Pan Is Dead" (Matador), from Cherish The Light Years - The Philly/NYC trio returns with their second Matador full-length on April 5th, and will hit the road with The Kills following their appearance at Coachella in April. Front man Wesley Eisold still has his David Bowie jones goin' on but if this track is any indication, the synths have got gotten harder, faster, and less blatantly pop.

[DOWNLOAD] PETER BJORN AND JOHN "Second Chance" (StarTime), from Gimme Some - The world was waiting for Peter Bjorn and John after Writer's Block but their inclination to take a dark, left turn on Living Thing confused listeners for whom "Young Folks" was all they knew of the Swedes. It was a missed opportunity, one they stand to correct with Gimme Some and they do. Virtually the entire record is upbeat and infinitely sunnier than their last. A "Second Chance", indeed. (via All Things Go)

FLEET FOXES "Helplessness Blues" (Sub Pop), from Helplessness Blues - Massively anticipated second full length due on May 3rd but aren't beards, flannel and folk a little 2008? Something tells me they'll be alright. A three week North American tour begins at the end of March. (Austin: May 10 @ Stubb's)

[DOWNLOAD] Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop

KATE BUSH "Babooshka" [piano demo] (unreleased), from soundcloud.com/gaffa1 - 2011 has already seen more Kate news than in the last five years combined. Word leaked out that some sort of release is anticipated this year, along with re-issues of her last four pre-Aerial albums: The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, and The Red Shoes. I stumbled upon a treasure of early demos, known to fans as "the Cathy demos", ranging from minute long snippets, to nearly fully formed versions. All 42 of 'em, downloadable at the link.

[DOWNLOAD] Kate Bush - "Babooshka" (piano demo) by gaffa

THE FIRST LOVES "Sweet Cliché" (unreleased), demo - Dark artrock from a London trio who've been pegged as one to watch from several reliable sources. Still unsigned, we'll watch their progress.

ANNA CALVI "Blackout" (Domino), from Anna Calvi - Her new single, out on March 21st and a highlight of her self-titled debut, is available digitally in the US now and physically from March 1st. Calvi's taking on New York full on, with three nights of shows prior to SXSW. Aside from that - and a one-nighter in Canada - her schedule is squarely focused on Europe throughout the first half of the year. (TBB coverage)

THE KILLS "Satellite" (Domino), from Blood Pressures - It's been 3 years since Midnight Boom, and Jamie & Alison have picked up right where they left off.  This didn't grab me at first, heaven forbid it sound like a Dead Weather leftover, but repeated listens have made me a fan.  The disc arrives April 5th in the midst of a US tour.  (Austin: March 16-19 @ SXSW, and April 20th @ La Zona Rosa) (TBB coverage)

CHRISTIAN AIDS "Stay Positive" (Double Denim), release TBA - I'm rooting for these guys on the basis of their name alone and how much fuss it'll cause (anyone seen The Muslims?). That aside, I'm diggin' this darkly electronic tune which, to be fair, sounds like a witch house take on Faithless' "Insomnia", but I'm OK with that. Listen below and/or download it for free from their Bandcamp page.

[STREAM] Christian AIDS - "Stay Positive" by christianAIDS

FACTORY FLOOR "R E A L L O V E" [Optimo mix] (Optimo), single - The trio's upcoming single that was covered last week. Invited to play at All Tomorrow's Parties' "I'll Be Your Mirror" (London) Festival, curated by Portishead, in June. I need tickets!

[STREAM] Factory Floor - "R E A L L O V E" (Optimo remix) (via The Quietus)

[DOWNLOAD] VIVIAN GIRLS "I Heard You Say" (Polyvinyl), from Share The Joy - Just a hunch, but I think the Girls' days are numbered. Each of the trio are involved in other projects and if their new disc is met with the same faint praise as Everything Goes Wrong, you really have to wonder where it's left for them to go? Maybe that's why the first track from Share The Joy eschews the buzzsaw guitars for a sweetly melodic, jangle-pop love song? Touring with the Black Lips throughout April. (Austin: April 28 @ Emo's)

DUM DUM GIRLS "He Gets Me High" (Sub Pop), from He Gets Me High EP - Perhaps it's because I expected so little from Dum Dum Girls after hearing their initial, pre-Sub Pop tunes, that I'm so taken with nearly their every move now. I like surprises. In the Battle of the Girls, based on these tunes, I'm voting Dum Dum. They're beginning a 6 week US tour next week before heading to Europe at the end of March. You can download the song for free at their Sub Pop page. (Austin: @ SXSW, March 16-19)

LOOMER "Enchanted" (Bon Voyage), from Ceiling - I still can't get enough of this Australian band whose Sonic Youth/My Bloody Valentine influences are worn on every stitch of their clothing. Supporting Swervedriver on a few upcoming dates down under makes perfect sense. (TBB coverage)

CONCUBINES "Rise" (self-released), single - I get a lot of email from PR companies and baby bands asking me to check their music out and frankly, I don't mess with most of 'em. I never wanted to blog every press release or MP3 that crosses my inbox, although you probably read a few that do. Even though it's time consuming, a personal (looking) email always works best. Here's one that made the grade. Andy spent some time in the UK outfit Ono Palindromes, an Artrocker-approved band if memory serves, and now he's doing his own thing as Concubines. He sent along his new AA-sided single, which I dig and included it on the 'cast. Get more at his Bandcamp page.

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  1. Thanks Mike, for another excellent Beat'cast.
    I really enjoyed the 'Cold Caves', 'Fleet Foxes', 'The Kills' and 'Loomer'. Delete this comment if my next statement upsets you, but I wanted to post a notice somewhere!, the ArtRocker Radio Show was returning to US internet radio at houndstoothradio.com , Thusday 2-10-11 at 8:30 pm. I'd never want to disrespect the spirit of WOXY , but New Heavy Sounds airing in US on a great sounding internet station seems worth sharing. Thanks.
    (I am in no way affiliated with houndstoothradio)

  2. Can't imagine why you think that'd upset me. Paul told me himself. Kurt Houndstooth's an A1 guy. Sounds like a perfect match.

  3. Sorry, I was projecting my inadequate social interaction skills on to you. This is your blog, woxy was your station, why would you want to promote a show that was on woxy and is now going to be on another internet radio station. I only listened to woxy.com for the last 3 1/2 years and I still a)miss it and you and Shivvy and b)get angry about how it ended.
    If I hadn't found woxy.com when I did, I'd probably have ended up like my older brother, listening to the 'classic rock' radio station playing the same songs (Led Zep, ac/dc, etc) and never bought a new CD or LP from any music made after 198?...
    Instead of going to see so & so's re-union tour at the Coliseum and spending $200, I'm going to see 'Everest' at the Hotel Utah in SF, and Black Joe Lewis at the Independent, and hoping The Lion's Rampant or Deep Vibrations or The Black Angels at Slim's or the David Wax Museum from up above, come to Oakland or San Francisco. So, thanks for that!

  4. I totally dig The First Loves track. It's sounds like a lost single from the Factory Records vault. You need to work some more into The Big Beat. Any more info on them would be helpful.

    Keep up the good work my friend!

  5. Most Excellent Set Mike.
    That Loomer tune reminds me of
    the disk Calling All Martians (1993)
    by Spies Who Surf