Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Tunes Tuesday - January 25, 2011

I'm going to play a bit of catch up on New Tunes Tuesday this week. Some of these songs have been floating about for a while, so if you consume the blogosphere on a daily or even hourly basis, a few of these might be old news. Nonetheless, they're worthy of bringing to your attention so here they are. I just came across the 120 Days track and think it's mighty solid. Welcome back, boys.

The Beat'cast returns next week. You can review those using the links at the foot of the post.

PETER BJORN AND JOHN "Breaker Breaker" (StarTime International) - In what could be seen as a pivotal release for the trio, this short, rollicking number is a fair preview as to what listeners can expect on Gimme Some, due in late March.

[DOWNLOAD] Peter Bjorn and John - "Breaker Breaker"

CLOUD NOTHINGS "Should Have" (Carpark) - Clevelander Dylan Baldi's proper full-length debut isn't nearly as lo-fi as last year's Turning On compilation. But as this song indicates, it retains nearly all of the sweet, shambolic melodies that earned him notice in the first place. I gotta believe he and Robert Pollard could form a mutual admiration society. (Austin: March 16-19 @ SXSW)

[STREAM] Cloud Nothings - "Should Have" (via Carpark Records)

JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD "Our Hearts Are Wrong" (Nonesuch) - I was a huge fan of her debut, the Dan Auerbach produced With Blasphemy So Heartfelt (my #8 of 2008), so I'm pleased to see they've hooked up again on Tell Me, in stores February 8th. I wrote this introduction back in the day and if you like, download a few session tracks as well. (Austin: March 16-19 @ SXSW)

PAPERCUTS "John Brown" (Sub Pop) - After a few well received releases on some tiny indies, Jason Quever makes the huge leap to Sup Pop for the forthcoming Fading Parade, out on March 1st. His brand of dreampop should make for an intoxicating mix with rumored tour partner Still Corners. (TBB coverage)

[STREAM] Papercuts - "John Brown" (via Sub Pop)

FUJIYA & MIYAGI "Ventriloquizzing" (Yep Roc) - Here's another band I fell hard for a few years ago (my #2 of 2007) but will admit that their last record Lightbulbs left me a but cold. The new Ventriloquizzing includes a few more electronic flourishes, which fit neatly into their krautrock template. They've moved to Yep Roc for this fourth disc. Here's hoping the new partnership allows them to regain some of their mojo.

[STREAM] Fujiya & Miyagi - "Ventriloquizzing" (via indie-teque)

120 DAYS "Dale Disco" (Vice) - I kind of love it when a band disappears completely, only to return with a song that knocks it out of the park. This neo-krautrock instrumental should satisfy anyone who paid them mind the first time 'round. Like their previous work, "Dale Disco" is a lengthy, slow builder that draws the listener in as it picks up the pace. There's a palpable sense of tension as the beat builds, coming to a boil without overflowing. Add this to your workout mix.

[STREAM] 120 Days - "Dale Disco" (via Up Front Artists)

MILLIONYOUNG "Replicants" (Old Flame/Rix) - Sun-kissed electronic indie pop by Mike Diaz from Miami F-L-A. His full-length debut is out now digitally and arrives physically on Feb. 15th via former WOXY DJ Rob Mason's Old Flame label. It's chillwave with a beat that fans of, say, Neon Indian should investigate. (Austin: March 16-19 @ SXSW)

[STREAM] Millionyoung - "Replicants" by Old Flame Records

YELLE "Safari Disco Club" (V2) - This cute-as-a-button Frenchwoman arrived in 2008 buoyed by the support of tastemakers like KCRW & KEXP. She charmed the crowd at last year's ACL Festival with an energetic display of bouncy retro-pop and let's face it, a catchy tune sung in French is pretty farkin' cool, simply because it's so rare. Expect her profile to continue on the upswing with the release of her 2nd album Safari Disco Club in March on the revived V2 label. She starts a month long US tour at Coachella. (Austin: April 22nd @ Mohawk)

[DOWNLOAD] Yelle - "Safari Disco Club"

GANG OF FOUR "Who Am I" (Yep Roc) - The legendary post-punk band is back with their first album on new material since 1995. Only Andy Gill & John King remain from the original lineup: drummer Hugo Burnham retired and bassist Dave Allen returned to his many business interests, including his Pampelmoose blog. But kind of like their contemporaries Wire, Go4's music is fierce and purposeful and no mere nostalgia act. A three week North American tour begins April 2nd.

THERAPIES SON "Touching Down" (Transparent) - Leave it Transparent to discover Californian Alex Jacobs (aka Therapies Son), whose John Lennon cum Wayne Coyne vocals propel the easy charm of "Touching Down". Matter of fact, the song sounds a bit like "Mind Games" with George Harrison on guitar. Nevertheless, it's kind of like a stroll through the field on a warm Spring day. Look for an EP in the coming months. (Austin: March 16-19 @ SXSW)

[STREAM] Therapies Son - "Touching Down" (via Transparent Records)

LYKKE LI "I Follow Rivers" (Atlantic) - Bjorn Ytlling's back to produce Li's second full-length Wounded Ryhmes, out in March. On the heels of the previously released "Get Some", she's poised to reach a wider audience. A US tour begins in May.

[STREAM] Lykke Li - "I Follow Rivers" by LykkeLi

THE GO! TEAM "Buy Nothing Day" (Memphis Industries) - Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino guests (and stars) on this track from Rolling Blackouts, out next week. A short North American tour begins April 10th.

[STREAM] The Go! Team - "Buy Nothing Day" by thegoteam

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  1. I feel so lazy asking this - will there be a stream of the whole NTT, or shall I get clicking on each one? Cause I /will/ get clicking!= if needs be. My belief in the quality of your choices beats out my fundamental idleness..

  2. I second the full stream ... it would be extremely helpful. This is like my small dose of WOXY to cure my withdrawl.

  3. A fair point, and one that I've been contemplating for a while. First off, thanks very much for visiting the site. For now, yes, you'll need to press play on every track. I do love the ease of Soundcloud but it does have its limitations.

    To get songs to play in sequence you have to create a set, and you can only create a set using tracks from your own account. For example, all of today's selections are culled from other accounts. I can embed them into the blog, as I've done, but can't create a set with them. Being able to post tracks from everywhere means I get to use everyone's music, not merely my own. It also means I don't have to use my own Soundcloud account which, now that the Beat'casts are eating up hour chunks of it, is limited enough as it is. The next highest storage tier costs 3x what it does now, and that's not a justifiable expense.

    The newish Yahoo Media Player, which sites like Pitchfork uses, will play tracks in successive order if you have a place to host those tracks and can add the HTML code to your site. Alas, I'm a sub-novice when it comes to HTML, etc, and Soundcloud and Blogger may just be the simplest templates to use.