Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Corners - "Eyes" (Rogue Wave cover)


Still Corners just may rank at the top of my 2010 discoveries. Swoonworthy dream-pop that's simply gorgeous, the London quartet just dropped a new tune, a cover of Rogue Wave's "Eyes". The band has a deep love of film and 60's sound production, full of swirling organs, big drums and lush vocals. Broadcast doing Mazzy Star.

[DOWNLOAD] Still Corners - "Eyes" (via Neu Magazine)

Word is that in addition to this freebie, they'll be releasing a single via the mighty Sub Pop in the New Year, but I've yet to find confirmation on the information superhighway. Their Myspace page lists a date at Glasslands in Brooklyn on March 11, so swinging by Austin for SXSW is, like, yeah. Basically, I want me some of this:

Still Corners @ St. Giles In-The-Fields Church, London, November 17, 2010

Sample these New Tunes Tuesday selections from earlier this year:

[MP3] STILL CORNERS "Don't Fall In Love"
[MP3] STILL CORNERS "Endless Summer"


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  2. I would love to hear that song about eyes. It's always a great idea to maintain the health of your eyes. Going to an optician can help.

  3. I love this band. It would be cool if they made a song about COOKIES or about their life STORIES.