Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Big Beat Partners with This Is Fake DIY


I'm extremely happy to announce that starting in January, The Big Beat - more specifically, The Big Beat 'cast - will become a regular feature on the most excellent music site This Is Fake DIY.

London based, This Is Fake DIY features news, reviews, features, videos, free music downloads and its own online television channel DIY TV. It sprouted forth as a bedroom-run set up back in the hazy, simple days of 2002, way before anyone would have even heard of a social network. DIY remains one of the most visited underground music sites in the UK, and still has a firm grip on its roots. Here's the announcement from their site.

In 2007, This Is Fake DIY started a record label, and have released records from Duels, Manda Rin (ex-Bis), Popular Workshop, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club, and We Are The Physics.

DIY recently launched its own iPhone app (US) (UK), and coming in Spring 2011, the arrival of DIY: a free monthly music and lifestyle magazine. It'll be available in the UK 'all over the bloody place'.

So, bookmark the site, follow 'em on Twitter @thisisfakediy, and please drop 'em a line. Tell 'em thanks, OK? I think they'll appreciate it.

Pretty damn cool, eh?


  1. Nice Mike. Congrats!

  2. Top news - looking forward to it!

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