Friday, October 15, 2010

Download Secret Knives Affection CD for Free

Probably like you, I tend to surf the web by starting at a bookmarked site, then clicking on a link of interest, and then another, and another and after a while I have no idea how I got there or what I was looking for to begin with. And it really doesn't matter: kinda like my dog Buster chasing a beam of light across the carpet, ask me which sites I've visited en route from Point A to B and I've got nothin'. Usually though, I pick up kernels of info on the way, all culminating in a satisfying destination. Well then, I don't have to further explain how I stumbled across Secret Knives, now do I?


They're a quartet from Wellington, New Zealand who've made their full-length debut Affection available as a fully free download. Singer Ash Smith's voice may quiver in a manner that's awfully similar to Conor Oberst, but any similarity to Bright Eyes ends there. The guitar work of Richard Larsen is the prize here, ringing and chiming through waves of shimmering indie pop. There's a real classic feel to their music, made clearer in this interview with Smith who namechecks influences like Television, The Chameleons, Ride and Slowdive amongst others. Seriously, Affection is one of the best things I've heard in a while.

<a href="">Affection by Secret Knives</a>

1. Black Hole
2. [MP3] The Shining
3. Affection
4. Wicker Park
5. Future Wave
6. Good Fortune
7. [MP3] The Northwest States
8. Good Grief
9. Elegy / Dreamdisco
10. [MP3] The Garden
11. The Church

Download a few, stream a few and if you like what you hear, please consider supporting the artist and label. You can opt to purchase a series of prints based around the album artwork and a download code for a collection of demos and remixes by friends of of the band and their label, A Low Hum. The package costs only $10NZD (approx $7.60 USD) including free postage anywhere in the world.


  1. Superb find. You just earned your sweet ass a shout out next week.

  2. I just did the random web surfing to get here and yeah, I agree that this is an awesome find.