Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Download New Esben and the Witch - "Warpath"


Yesterday was a planned NTT hiatus, which I'll have periodically, but that doesn't mean there's not any new music worth sharing (although it might mean there's not a lot of new music worth sharing -ed.). It should be obvious by now that like a lot of bloggers, I don't have the inclination to write about every release that comes along, and tend to focus on bands I like. I like Esben and the Witch, so here's another post about them.

The first UK band signed by Matador Records in six years just released their debut EP, for the previously NTT'd "Marching Song", earlier this month. Now the label's keeping the interest and momentum up by releasing the edit of "Warpath", the first track from their full-length debut Violet Cries, released on February 8th (UK: January 31st).

Perhaps perfectly timed for Halloween, "Warpath" is another ethereal, gothic song from the trio that the label was good enough to offer as a free download.

[MP3] ESBEN AND THE WITCH "Warpaint" (edit) (via Matador Records)


[MP3] ESBEN AND THE WITCH "About This Peninsula" (self-released), from 33 EP

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