Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday / The Big Beat 'cast 01

After 2 beta test programs, let's term this the proper debut. Don't call it a comeback.

Aw, shoot. I had to take down the Beat'cast stream, but you can see the playlist below.


[MP3 - Left Click] The Bees - "I Really Need Love" (via Klubbace)

[MP3 - Right Click] Surf City - "Kudos" (via Pitchfork)

[MP3 - Left Click] Twin Shadow - "I Can’t Wait" (via Hypetrak)

[STREAM] Seinking Ships - "Digging His Own Hole" [feat. Miki Berenyi]

[MP3 - Left Click] Wire - "Two Minutes" (via Slicing Up Eyeballs)


Bettie Serveert - "Kid's Allright"

[MP3 - Right Click] Museum of Bellas Artes - "Watch The Glow" (via The Line Of Best Fit)

Lush - "Leaves Me Cold"

The Sir Not Appearing In This Film Flying Fickle Finger of Fate goes to:

Underworld - "Diamond Jigsaw" (featuring Paul Van Dyk)
The Doors - "The WASP (Texas Radio & the Big Beat)"
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - "The Well"
Esben and the Witch - "Done Because We Are Too Menny"


  1. Great show, Mike!

    I'm just glad you're willing to take your personal time to put an hour together for us. It does not go unappreciated!

  2. Awesome stuff. Miss the show intro though . . .Taylor . . .Taylor. . .Is that you?

  3. Love it!! Hopefully this will become a weekly ritual. The vintage commercials were a nice touch.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Esben & the Witch on Fri but hope no "divas" show up for the show ;)

  4. Enjoyed the show, Mike. Great to hear you introducing/discussing music again. Liked mixing in a few older tracks - been a long, long time since I heard the Doors track - and I never get tired of hearing my favorite Bette Serveert song - but appreciate the new music emphasis. Thanks for putting the show together.

  5. Another great show!

    The vintage stuff was a treat!

    My only suggestion would be to have some kind of regular opening/ closing instrumental.

  6. Thanks Mike for doing this, although I do miss the Taylor intro.

  7. Soooooooo goood to hear your voice again.

  8. Sounds awesome! The vintage commercials are a nice touch. You should have download links for those too! One thing though...I noticed that the music is quite a bit louder than your voice. You might want to bump up the volume on the voice track.

  9. Your commentary adds much to the music. Glad to have you back (in a way).

    My only suggestion is to adjust the volume levels between the music and monologue. Music is too loud (or voice is not loud enuf...your pick).

    Thanks for spending the time to do this. It makes a lot of folks happy.

  10. @Brian re: opening & closing - Rome wasn't built in a day. Trust me when I say I don't enjoy the backbone of a full-on production studio at my disposal. Far from it.

    @Charles - yeah, but I simply don't have it. It's a snippet of "Behind The Curtain" by Wax Tailor, if'n you want it for yourself. The intro - my edit of that - is something that only exists in the WOXY audio library, which I no longer have access to. Never kept a copy elsewhere.

    @Buzz, @DatchuCougaar - the vocals to music levels should have been normalized (evened out) prior to being mixed down. For whatever reason, that process didn't take before all the tracks were mixed down. It's a cumbersome step to redo it, so I went with it. I'm using a much more low-tech setup than what I had access to before: them's the breaks. Next time should be better. I'm glad you (and all of you) like it.


  11. I listened again to this week's podcast. I can't say I hear much of a difference in the sound quality. I can live without the intro, I'm just grateful for the tunes and commentary.

  12. Thanks for doing this Mike! You introduced me to some great new tunes and its really great to have you back with the commentary.