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New Tunes Tuesday - September 28, 2010

Back for the landmark 10th edition of NTT this week. Wooooo! But seriously folks, for this week I'm going to give you a second helping of artists that have been featured previously because we all know that sometimes, one song isn't enough to conjure up an opinion. As is often the case, most of these are relatively new bands that have caught my ear so I hope you too will find something to like.

Now, I've always been a stat guy: I like following charts and trends, even to the point of keeping written track of each week's American Top 40 as a kid. Is it a wonder then that we named our new kitten Casey? It's interesting (to me, anyway) that of the previous 9 NTT's, the one that's had the most traffic by far featured a little band whose initials are A.F., which frankly, I'd not be inclined to give a lot of attention to as there are 846 other outlets doing that. Anyway, if there's any feedback you'd like to impart, your comments have been great and are appreciated. The single most asked off-site question is about the possibility of getting some kind of DJ'd stream or podcast together. It's flattering to be asked. All I can say is that I'm working on it, and hope to have something for you sooner rather than later.

This week, we'll give you more new music from Women and Caitlin Rose later in the set. Some dark disco by Matthew Dear, K-X-P, and SUUNS; brand new tunes from The Answering Machine and Rapids! thanks to our friends at Heist Or Hit Records, and more from Dungen, WFANFC, and Esben and the Witch; but we'll start with two bands that are on the top of my listening stack: No Age and Super Wild Horses.

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Super Wild Horses "Mess Around" (Hozac) - I included the band's "Golden Town" on NTT two weeks ago, so enjoy another tune from their Fifteen debut. The Aussie duo plays 90's style indie rock just like they were there the first time. (Austin: tonight @ Beerland; tomorrow @ Club 1808)

No Age "Depletion" (Sub Pop) - Everything In Between, the LA duo's second proper studio record, hit stores today and is one of the most compelling releases of the year. There's nothing overly groundbreaking here: it's lo-fi pop-leaning punk but the thing is (a) there's not a ton of that around at the moment, and (b) it's done really well. They've earned some critical props for tossing in a few ambient-ish instrumentals into the mix but I've always found myself skipping over those. "Depletion" is one of several genuinely punk tracks on the record that, in the face of chillwave nation, make it perfectly safe to pump your fist in the air.

Rapids! "Fuses" (Heist Or Hit) - Here's the latest UK single from the British bands debut EP, which you can purchase here. Their brand of math-rock, kind of unusual coming from a European band, has earned them notices from domestic supporters like Steve Lamacq, Artrocker, and the NME. Another tune from the EP, "Maps", was featured on NTT in early August.

The Answering Machine "Animals" (Heist Or Hit) - Our love for TAM knows no bounds, who've offered the first single from their second disc Lifeline as a free download. "Animals" sees the band incorporating greater use of keys and synths, a shift from the guitar-heavy Strokes' influence that was so prominent on their debut. They'll be doing some European dates with Tokyo Police Club in November, and expect to release the full-length after the first of the year.

Working For A Nuclear Free City "Alphaville" (Melodic) - I find it interesting that while so many music buyers are choosing downloads over a physical CD, it seems a lot of digital-only releases fly extremely well below the radar. Sometimes that's strategic, quietly making it available to coincide with an overseas release or, it's a small label without much of a promotional budget. Whatever the case, let's hope the October 12th physical release of Jojo Burger Tempest will draw a bit more attention than what the digital has failed to generate. The record blends a bit of everything to where I'd call it electro-shoegaze. It's heavy on instrumentals, with the 30-minute title cut emblematic of what the band does best. "Alphaville" represents one of Jojo's more straightforward songs.

Esben and the Witch "About This Peninsula" (self-released) - The recent Matador signees arrived in the US last week for a month long tour supporting Foals and a spot on the Matador 21 lineup. Their debut US single "Marching Song", out next month, was featured on NTT in August. The band earned a lot of their initial notices on the basis of a self-released EP, 33, from which we take this Siouxsie-like track. Bets are being taken now to find out if they'll shape up to be The xx 2011. Right now, I'd make that wager. (Austin: @ Mohawk October 9th w/ School Of Seven Bells)

SUUNS "Up Past The Nursery" (Secretly Canadian) - While perhaps sounding juuust a bit like Clinic's "The Second Line", it's another impressive tune from the Montrealers and the first sample of their full-length Zeroes QC, out on October 12th. Buy it in advance now and get an immediate download code for the record. Pitchfork has the video. (Austin: @ The Parish October 15th w/ Land of Talk)

Matthew Dear "Soil To Seed" (Ghostly) - Mr. Dear's laying down another dark, slinky groove for us, another tune from his Black City record. This one's really coming on strong for yours truly and stands a good chance of cracking my Top 20 this year (is it really almost October??).

K-X-P "Pockets" (Smalltown Supersound) - The 'Annie Vocal Remix' of this song has been making the rounds on the web lately. It's certainly more dancefloor ready and easy to find online, but I wanted to toss the original into the mix as I think this record's not gotten quite the attention it deserves. Sure, there are parts that are less than stellar but for a first effort, it's a fair starting point.

Dungen "Högdalstoppen" (Mexican Summer) - So, I ate the ticket I had to see these guys weekend before last: too wiped out from an early wake-up call to drag myself to the show. Of course, I regret it. The newly released Skit I Allt continues the slow departure from the psych-guitar freakouts that brought them to everyone's attention omn Ta Det Lungt. Still, while a more subdued Dungen is worth checking out, another outlet had it right when it noted that this wouldn't be their record to start someone off with. An effort, then, for fans willing to go along with them a bit.

Women "Locust Valley" (Jagjaguwar) - From Calgary, Women have received nothing but glowing reviews from overseas for their second record Public Strain, which preceded today's US release by a full month. Their arty indie rock hits a sweet spot with this song. (Austin: @ Mohawk October 16th)

Caitlin Rose "Own Side" (Names) - Another artist who's been wowing them in Britain, this sweet, intimate number is title cut from her Own Side Now full-length. Even thought she's been building up her resume over there and will continue to do so, she has quite the one-off at the Austin City Limits Festival on October 9th. The disc is available currently only as an import, but US fans have been instructed to hold tight!

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  1. Thanks Mike. I've heard very little about the new Working For a Nuclear Free City. I really like them but they don't get mentioned much.