Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday - September 21, 2010

This week's NTT leans heavily towards my affinity for female fronted C86 inspired bands with Las Robertas and Shrag in the lineup. Preview a few tune from the new Phantom Band disc and sample some modern day prog with Crippled Black Phoenix. Just press play on the first track, and let The Big Beat soundtrack your next 45 minutes.

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Those Darlins “Night Jogger" (Oh Wow Dang) – There’s a lot less twang on the Nashville belles new single, a preview of their second album tentatively titled Let You Down and projected for a March release. The flipside is credited to Funstix, a side project of the band’s Jessi & Linwood. (via Neu Magazine) (Austin: @ ACL on October 8th)

Hypertext “Ivy League” (unsigned) – A video of this song was featured on TBB last month but I’m going to keep bringing this one to your attention. It’s one of my favorite songs of the year and has ‘hit’ written all over it. Featuring members of Casiokids and The Megaphonic Thrift, this Norwegian outfit is looking for an outlet to release their full-length debut. Head to their Myspace to hear more.

The Radio Dept. “The New Improved Hypocrisy” (Labrador) – A free download that appeared last week immediately prior to Sweden’s national elections, the song takes aim at the center-right Alliance coalition government which, from what I can figure, held on to power. Considering our own country has a long tradition of political protest music, where are those songs today? This song won't be included on the band's next release, a 5-song EP titled Never Follow Suit which drops in November.

Las Robertas “Damn ‘92” and “Back To The End” (Art Fag) – Another previously featured band, the ladies from Costa Rica have had their debut Cry Out Loud picked up for a proper US release by Art Fag Records on October 12th. It’s straightforward garage rock and if you’re a fan of the Girls, Dum Dum and Vivian, then you’re in luck. You’ll even hear a bit of Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave) in the vocals. (via Neu and Einstein Music Journal)

The Phantom Band “Walls” (Chemikal Underground) – The Scottish band that plays ‘proto-robofolk’ are back with their second album, The Wants, on October 18th. Their debut Checkmate Savage made my Top 20 last year (#14) and I had the pleasure of catching them at the UK’s Great Escape festival. I noticed they’ve listed a US booking agent on their MySpace page, so I’ll take it that they’ll try their hands at the States for the first time. I’ll be curious to see if this first track is indicative of the rest of the album. Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re listing to an Elbow tune. Can’t be a bad thing. (via Consequence Of Sound)

Shrag “Tights In August” (Where It's At Is Where You Are) – The radio show from Artrocker magazine introduced me to this Brighton band last year. Three girls and two guys, I thought “Pregnancy Scene” from their debut was a fun, punky number but found the rest of the disc lacking. Album number two arrives October 4th titled Life! Death! Prizes! with a first track shot right at my heart. As a massive fan of Lush and specifically their Lovelife CD, “Tights” may as well be a re-working of the band’s “Ciao!” meshed with the melody of “500 (Shake Baby Shake)”. The vocals are dead-on Miki Berenyi. In all, a glass of sweet twee. (Hat tip to Neu)

Calories “You Could Be Honest” (Tough Love) – Basic Nature is the UK trio’s second album, and will conjure recollections of guitar-heavy bands from the US indie scene. In fact, the BBC puts it best by saying “the shockingly catchy opener “You Could Be Honest” reanimates the corpse of Jade Tree Records emo bands from the late 1990s.” Sample the entire record over at Bandcamp and while, yes, it may be a little retro in nature, it’s of a period that hasn’t been mined to death and, especially coming from a British band, comes through as a breath of freshly recycled air.

Holy Other “Yr Love” (Transparent) – The tastemaking London label strikes again with a new single from a minimalist electronic outfit from Berlin. Totally chilled with some dubstep undercurrents. Their debut release will be a limited 7” available here. Download the label-approved freebie, but buy the vinyl.

Crippled Black Phoenix “Troublemaker” (Invada) – A prog/post-rock supergroup of sorts which, depending upon the press you find, may or may not include members of Mogwai and Portishead. I, Vigilante is their newest release, out on Portishead’s Geoff Barrow’s Invada label (confirmed!). “Troublemaker” harks back a bit to classic album rock of the 1970’s and, for sure, the guitar player has a serious David Gilmour jones goin’ on. A nice jam.

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  1. Thanks yet again for offering up some great tunes!

  2. I'm told that the Phantom Band will be at CMJ next month and they are looking to play a few other places too.

  3. Wow, really nice set this week

    Night Jogger has a nice bite to it
    Ivy League is a winner
    Hypocrisy..who would have thought a protest song could be so gentle?

  4. Hmmm,Those Darlins are sounding better.

    Love the first Las Robertas track.

    You are right. That second Belle and Sebastian track is where it's at!

  5. Excellent set! I listened 3 times in between numerous interruptions.

    I completely agree about Shrag. I totally thought of Lush when it came on and I even clicked over to see your comments.

    Can't wait for the new Belle & Sebastian!