Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday - September 14, 2010

We're into the post-Labor Day period where labels traditionally stockpile notable new releases. For indie fans, it marks the start of the hype/PR machine that leads up to the CMJ Festival (post-New Year's, it's the same for SXSW). I thought I'd take a different approach this week by focusing on a few select bands/releases, adding an extra track to give you a better sense of the disc, and coupling those with a few others that have caught my ear. Enjoy the new tunes.

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Grinderman "Heathen Child" & "Palaces Of Montezuma" (Mute) - You get the feeling that Nick Cave feels a bit freer under the Grinderman moniker than recording as, well, himself. To the uninitiated, this is essentially his rock project and while 2 isn't quite as scuzzy as the debut (nothing here quite as in-your-face as "No Pussy Blues"), it's still primarily a man's man kind of record. "Heathen Child"'s the single while "Palaces Of Montezuma" is a change of pace that sounds a bit more like his solo work. The band tours North America in November.

Super Wild Horses "Goldentown" (Hozac) - The Finest Kiss directed me to the Aussie duo of Amy Franz and Hayley McKee and boy, do they make a lovely racket! Recalling any number of late 80's / early 90's college rock outfits like Columbus' beloved Scrawl, the duo keep things direct-to-tape raw to where it makes the Vivian Girls sound polished. Their debut Fifteen was released over the summer. (Austin: @ Beerland on Sept. 28th, and @ Club 1808 on Sept. 29th)

Restless People "Don't Back Down" & "Days Of Our Lives" (IAMSOUND) - From Brooklyn, the members of Restless People cut their teeth in bands like Tanlines, Professor Murder, and Family Edition. This is summery, shiny indie pop where, if you closed your eyes, you could hear "Days Of Our Lives" as a Passion Pit song, albeit with better vocals. Their brisk, done-in-under-30 minutes self-titled debut hits stores today.

Weekend "Coma Summer" & "End Times" (Slumberland) - Straight up: anything on Slumberland's gonna get my attention. Their latest signing is from their own backyard: Oakland's Weekend. Their darkly buzzy and fuzzy C86-inspired noise is right in my wheelhouse and is perfect for fans of labelmates Crystal Stilts, Disappears, JAMC, and Joy Divison. Debut Sports lands November 9th but with that album title, and that they're from the Bay Area, I was hopin' a cover of either "Heart and Soul" or "I Want A New Drug" would've made it onto the album, y'know? (via Transparent and The Needle Drop)

Superchunk "Digging For Something" (Merge) - We all have bands who've existed in our blind spots, right? Well-known, favorites of many, bands you should be more familiar with but just...aren't. Mike, meet Superchunk. Basically, they were a little too fringe at a time that I wasn't. Knowing this deficiency in my diet, I recently picked up a used copy of Tossing Seeds and within a matter of mere minutes was singing along to "Slack Motherfucker" like I'd known it forever. So, nearly 20 years after their formation, their first record in 9 years Majesty Shredding sounds a bit like what you might expect: well-worn indie rock from a veteran band. (via Aquarium Drunkard)

The Black Angels "Yellow Elevator #2" & "Phosphene Dream" (Blue Horizon) - Austin's psychedelic rockers take a big stride forward with their first release for the newly reactivated Blue Horizon label. Some of their more blatantly druggy sounding songs have been set aside in favor of an equally authentic Nuggets vibe. Phosphene Dream plays for a wider audience while sacrificing none of the integrity of their past sound. A little more approachable? Probably, but with spot-on execution. Also check out first track "Bad Vibrations" from the first NTT.

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  1. Mike to the rescue! Love the KoL paragraph!

  2. For some reason I always think of this song when I hear someone mention "Heart and Soul".


    Thanks again for the links Mike. You rock.

  3. Damn Mike, this blog took off!!! I´ll be in a reading/listening-ganza this weekend....

  4. Superchunk was in my blindspot for years as well until I saw them at the Seaport Music Festival in 2009 and they blew me away. This year the same exact thing happened with another band that was in my blindspot, The Wedding Present, with the same result.

  5. Great selections, Mike. Makes me miss mornings on WOXY all the more.

  6. I can't decide about KOL..there songs have become catchy and that is about all there is to it, and they seem a little manufactured. But about 10 years ago i thought they rocked. Was i wrong, or have they changed?