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New Tunes Tuesday - August 24, 2010

Since The Big Beat was launched less than three months ago, you've played/streamed the songs posted here more than 9000 times. So, thanks for visiting! If you like what you hear, feel free to tell a buddy & bring a friend. Now, on to this week:

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Wap Wap Wow “The Round” (unsigned) – The collective voices of this orchestral, nine-piece London band are its strength, as evidenced by this demo produced by Yannis of Foals. Rather experimental in nature, you'll find the tune is well named. Fans of Ra Ra Riot and The Young Republic take note: lots of strings and percussion, nary an electric guitar in sight. (via Pinglewood)

SUUNS “Arena” (Secretly Canadian) – Oh, Canada! You’ve done it again. Formerly known as Zeroes, Montreal’s SUUNS with their buzzy electro-rock have recently signed to Secretly Canadian. As a taster, they’ve made their six-song Zeroes EP available as a free download. You’ll very clearly hear Clinic in “PVC” and any number of krautrock influences in “Arena”. Really terrific stuff. They’re joining fellow Montrealers Land Of Talk on a lengthy North American tour starting next month, with The Besnard Lakes jumping aboard a few West Coast dates. (Austin: w/ Land Of Talk @ The Parish on October 15th)

Blonde Redhead “Not Getting There” (4AD) – The band has been doing hazy & shoegazy for so long now, there’s perhaps a hint of justice that the trio’s return comes amidst countless number of bands trading on – and finding success with – much of the same sound. Penny Sparkle could be their biggest yet, hitting on September 14th. Check out first track "Here Sometimes" from New Tunes Tuesday last month. (Austin: US tour concludes at La Zona Rosa on December 1st)

Esben and the Witch “Marching Song” (Matador) – The legendary indie’s latest signing, this song was first released by the trio from Brighton last year. It’s been re-recorded for their label debut, an EP which hits on October 12. Dark, airy and edgy, it’s haunting and has almost a witchy quality to it. Expect the full-length in 2011. I’ll take more, please and thank you. Their maiden US tour, opening for Foals, begins September 23rd. (Austin, however, gets them opening for School of Seven Bells during ACL on October 9th @ Mohawk)

Mogwai “2 Rights Make 1 Wrong” [live] (Rock Action) – From the band’s newly released CD/DVD combo: the CD is called Special Moves, the DVD is titled Burning, each with a different tracklisting. This is one of their sweeter sounding, almost ballad-like songs as opposed to a menacing, claustrophobic wall of sound.

Clare Maguire “Strangest Thing” (Polydor/Universal) – Another big voiced Brit who was the subject of a major bidding war, Maguire landed with Universal who promptly whisked her off to LA to work with some novice named Rick Rubin. She seems the quintessential European pop star in the making but how that’ll fly in the States remains to be seen. The voice, however, is undeniable. You’ll even detect a little Beth Ditto quiver in the opening line of “Strangest Thing”.

Wild Nothing “Golden Haze” (Captured Tracks) – The band = Jack Tatum on record, and his Gemini has been one the best reviewed debuts of the year. He must not want to chance falling out of the spotlight, hence this quickly released follow-up EP. If the title cut here is any indication, expect more of the same fuzzed out blisspop that would mesh perfectly with the full-length. The band is a quartet live, and they’ll be hitting the road with Stars for a dozen dates starting at the end of September.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow “Drink Drank Drunk” (self-released) – The band’s Ashes Grammar just missed making my Top 20 list of 2009. By all accounts, the sessions for that disc yielded a bounty of material, providing enough for an EP release in March and now, an EP of even more music due in October. They’ll release Autumn, Again, 11 tracks that they’ll offer as a free download, in addition to pressing 500 LP’s for sale. Each successive release finds the dreampoppers a little less….out there, which I’m sure has contributed to their growing profile.

Working For A Nuclear Free City “Silent Times” (Melodic) – The first proper track (via Popmatters) to come from the band’s long-awaited Jojo Burger Tempest, which you can purchase through the label right now. I’d imagine this will be one the disc's more straightforward tracks. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and am really looking forward to hearing the 30-minute long title cut. Can't wait? Listen to the album preview here.

Film School “Heart Full Of Pentagons” (Hi Speed Soul) – Like Blonde Redhead, here’s another band that’s been doing hazy blisspop for a long time. It’s ironic, though, that this song lays off the pedals quite a bit. Still, it’s as catchy as anything they’ve done and might even earn them a bit of radio play. Fission is their latest, out next week on San Diego indie Hi Speed Soul. (Austin: w/ locals TV Torso & Monahans @ The Parish on September 23rd)

Still Corners “Don’t Fall In Love” (Great Pop Supplement) – Fans of Beach House should be all over this sexy new single from the London-based quintet. Between this and previously NTT’d “Endless Summer”, the Back To Mine series may need to be revived expressly for them. I think I’m in love. (via No Fear Of Pop)

Fever Ray “Mercy Street” (Rabid) – Gotta hand it to Karin Dreijer Andersson. She's plucked perhaps the most obscure song from Peter Gabriel’s massive So record, it of “Sledgehammer” and “In Your Eyes” fame, and turns it into her own. It'll be available as a download and on 7” vinyl later in the year.

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  1. I really liked that SUUNS. Put it on my "buy later" list.

  2. Why does the 'tell a buddy & bring a friend' embedded link take me to "Bill Goodman's North American Gun & Knife Shows" ??? Should I be armed when listening to this New Tunes Tuesday ????

  3. Re : Fever Ray "Mercy Street" ; I like it, but it's impossible for me to listen to a female sing a Peter Gabriel song & not think of Kate Bush.

    Pitchfork put this pic up which they got from the promo :



  4. @Brian B - it was the tagline to the omnipresent TV adverts for those shows, and became kind of a running joke amongst station members.

  5. awesome selection. tuesdays make much more sense now. thanks mike.

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