Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday - August 17, 2010

Here's a decidedly lo-fi & laid back set to add to your collection.

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

No Age "Glitter" (Sub Pop) - The lead track from the forthcoming (Sept. 28) Everything In Between builds on the momentum of last year's Losing Feeling EP and the Nouns full prior to that. Each successive release succeeds in stripping away layers of distortion to reveal genuine pop hooks that, while there all along, make it easier for listeners to decipher and digest.

Colleen Green "Worship You" (Suffering Jukebox) - From Oakland, Colleen describes her sound as 'True Bedroom Pop' (Twitter), 'Stoner Pop' (Facebook), and 'telling someone you totally would've had a crush on them in high school' (MySpace). She has two releases to date: a CD-R which you can freely download and a newly released cassette, the brilliantly titled Milo Goes To Compton, which was limited to 50 copies. Wal-Mart product placement, it ain't. Still, this gem made it onto the 'nets and as a result, something tells me she'll have to beat labels off with a stick after this gets around: a bouncy, fuzzed-out DIY throwback which I'll bet sounds even better cranked up while flying down the freeway at 80 MPH. The next Best Coast? (via 20 Jazz Funk Greats)

Cloud Nothings "Hey Cool Kid" (Carpark) - Here's one of the songs of 2010, re-submitted for your approval. WOXY listeners may remember this from earlier in the year by Cleveland's Cloud Nothings, the vehicle of 18 year old Dylan Baldi. In October, Carpark Records will reissue the debut Turning On, from which this appears, and will include a few non-album tracks to entice you.

How To Dress Well "Ecstasy With JoJo" (Lefse) - For the past few months, the blogosphere has been salivating over Tom Krell, aka HTDW, based upon a series of freely downloadable EP's of lo-fi R&B. His debut Love Remains features re-worked, re-touched recordings from the EP's and hits on September 21st. Avoidance will be impossible. And to think that for the longest time, Michael Jackson was about as uncool as you could get.

The Sea Of Cortez "The Shores" (self-released) - Gorgeous, building track from an L.A. trio recalls The Shins at their most chilled. Debut CD Make It Sound is due in early 2011. One to watch.

Manic Street Preachers "I'm Leaving You For Solitude" (Columbia UK) - Last year, the Manics toured the US for the first time in a decade, despite a longer period of indifference from the American record buying public. Still, they've managed to keep getting their records released, on a major no less, and are back with Postcards From A Young Man, out in the UK at the end of September. This is the b-side of the first single, and won't be included on the album.

Caitlin Rose "Sinful Wishing Well" (Names) - Rave reviews for her recently released full-length debut, Own Side Now, have turned this 23 year old Southern belle from Nashville into the toast of Britain. Taking a cue from bands like Kings Of Leon, she too is hoping the road to success winds through the UK. Rose is authentically country in a way that most of what passes for country will never be. Taylor Swift doesn't have anything on this girl. The disc is available only as an import but her label instructs US fans to sit tight. Real tight. She'll be spending the next 6 weeks touring in Europe, while her next scheduled US appearance will be at the Austin City Limits festival in October.

Simian Mobile Disco "Nerve Salad" (Defend) - They're releasing a mix album Simian Mobile Disco Is Fixed on October 12th and are including this tune in the set, first available as a single earlier in the year.

The Concretes "Good Evening [Eden Rock Version]" (self-released) - I'm generally not too interested in hearing remixes before having a chance to hear the original. So, it's on me that I missed this first track upon its release back in April. This remix by fellow Swedes Eden Rock will slide into any set of chillwave you care to program. Grab a free download of the the version of your choice here, or hang tight until the forthcoming WYWH disc drops in November.

Ra Ra Riot "Keep It Quiet (Bear)" (Barsuk) - included on last months Boy EP teaser, this is a different version of the tune that closes out new album The Orchard, in stores next week.

Dungen "Marken Lg Stilla" (Mexican Summer) - Skit I Allt is Dungen's sixth album, and it translates to "fuck all". (Feel free to use that the next time you get pissed off at IKEA.) This is a sweeter, more laid back offering than what we're used to hearing from Gustav Ejstes' band. A full-on, six week US tour begins in Buffalo on September 3rd. Psjked!

Twin Sister "Lady Daydream" (Infinite Best) - A lush, hypnotic wave will wash over Austin when the Memoryhouse/Twin Sister tour stops at Emo's next Monday. Colour Your Life, the band's second EP, was released at the end of March and the band's been on the road seemingly non-stop since. If, like me, you harbor a fondness of all things remotely shoegaze, the layered atmospherics of Twin Sister are worth checking out.

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  1. What a lineup! I know what I'm listening to this morning.

  2. Just finished listening...great mix. Excited to hear more of the Manics album. A couple of these tracks really struck my ear; now I have to play catch up on the last few weeks of new tunes Tuesday! :)

  3. I've listened twice. Great set!

  4. Once again Dungen rule! And I too eagerly await new Manics.

  5. Colleen Green is awesome. Thanks for the links!

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