Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday - August 3, 2010

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Arcade Fire “Ready To Start” (Merge) – I heard these guys have an album out today so, what the heck, let’s throw a tune onto New Tunes Tuesday.

Hotel Mexico “Its Twinkle” (Second Royal) – Can’t say I found a lot about Hotel Mexico, ‘cept they’re from Kyoto, Japan, and this might be my favorite song of the week. Think Royksopp going blisspop and you’ll find it on their debut His Jewelled Letter Box, due on August 16th.

Rapids! “Maps” (Heist Or Hit) – Math rock washes up on the shores of Bournemouth, England, and is found by five young men. Recently signed to Heist Or Hit (Answering Machine, LoveLikeFire), expect their previously self-released EP to get a wider release.

Ten Kens “Screaming Viking” (Last Gang) – This Toronto outfit’s promising debut went a bit unnoticed a few years ago, and the first track from their forthcoming For Posterity hints that they’ve taken a cue from fellow Canadians Black Mountain. The album hits August 31st.

The Jim Jones Revue “Big Len” (PIAS) – Move over JSBX...and make way for The Jim Jones Revue: the most earth quakin’, booty shakin’, rock’n’roll blooz makin’ band anywhere. Jones, formerly of scuzzy UK psych rockers Thee Hypnotics, channels Little Richard and out-Jon Spencer’s Spencer himself. The Revue recently played a few shows in NYC supporting their long-delayed US debut, a self-titled compilation culled from their first two UK discs, which serves as a teaser to their upcoming 3rd record Burning Down Your House (UK release September, US in 2011). “Big Len” is a freebie from the new record.

Autolux “Supertoys” (tbd) – This one’s been available for a while but I wanted to pop it into the mix, seeing as the band’s first record since 2004, Transit Transit, hits stores today. Reportedly a difficult band to work with for all of reasons you might think of, this song will please any fan of their debut, fitting seamlessly into their arsenal of shoegazey psychedelic guitar work and detached vocal harmonies.

Panda Bear “Slow Motion” (Paw Tracks) – The b-side to the recent “Tomboy” single, it’s equally as good as the flipside and scheduled for inclusion on next month’s Tomboy full-length.

Tame Impala “Half Full Glass Of Wine” (Phantom Sound & Vision) – Put this into the “new to me, new to you” category, coming off of 2009’s self-titled EP and arriving ahead of this year’s acclaimed Innerspeaker. I was shopping at LA’s Amoeba store on Saturday when this came over the PA and I had to run to the counter to ask what it was. All of the band’s output is available digitally in the USA, otherwise you’ll be paying import prices for the genuine article. Whichever label that has them for the US has certainly put forth a curious marketing strategy for the band.

Surf City “Crazy Rulers Of The World” (Fire) – Finally! After a totally ace EP a few years ago – not a duff track in the lot - and not nearly enough since, Surf City have set their return for November with a full-length titled Kudos.

Ramona “How Long” (unsigned) – Somewhere, Joey, Johnny & Dee Dee are smiling about this quartet from Brighton. Singer Karen Anne may have Debbie Harry down but the sound is all very Ramones-inspired: Ramones..Ramona. They bow with a 7” next month.

Yu(c)k “Automatic” (Mirror Universe Tapes) – another song from their Weakened EP. The band is playing the Reading/Leeds Festival later this month followed by opening a few dates for Modest Mouse’s UK tour. Not bad.

Pretty Lights “A Million Tomorrows” (self-released) – An electronica duo from Denver, they sold out hometown Red Rocks this weekend, confirming a solid following. It’s further proof that giving away your music can pay off in the long run, cause everyone knows the live show is where the real money’s made. You can download every one of their releases at a name-your-price cost via prettylightsmusic.com, including the new Spilling Over Every Side EP.


  1. Really good stuff - all of it! I miss Tuesdays on WOXY but this helps! Thanks Mike and welcome to Los Angeles. Staying long? Don't forget to try an In-N-Out burger!!

  2. Thanks for posting!

  3. man, I've missed you!!!

  4. Have you heard "Memo to the Man" by Zach Hill? http://rcrdlbl.com/artists/Zach_Hill/track/Memo_To_The_Man

  5. Incredible choice of new tunes, how on earth do you find them? The Rapids song is amazing!

  6. re: Zach Hill. A bit odd, honestly.

  7. great work. your blog is becoming a def go to on tuesdays :)

  8. The ghost of WOXY is amongst us!

  9. You though Zach Hill was odder than Hotel Mexico? Interesting!

  10. Hey Mike, Have you listened to Suckers? I'm really digging it and curious of your take on it.