Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Disclosure - Brothers in Dubstep


I used to love playing polarizing music and artists on the radio. I felt that as long as you're not pummeling the audience one song after another, I'm all for challenging the listener or taking you out of your comfort zone. I mean, shouldn't a progressive format do that? I guess that if I wasn't offering up something new, I may as well be narrating your iPod.

Anyway, Burial was certainly one of those artists that people either loved or hated. While his last record Untrue received universally excellent reviews, the darkly skittish and ominous sounding dubstep proved a difficult listen for many listeners. However, two teenage brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, are offering a less forboding, more user-friendly take on the genre. Together known as Disclosure, the Londoners are releasing their debut single "Offline Dexterity" next Monday (Sept. 6) on Moshi Moshi. To these ears, this is exciting stuff. I've a strong feeling they'll be a talked-about band for the foreseeable future and would seem ripe for a SXSW appearance in March. Sample a few of their tracks and see if you agree that these boys (aged 15 and 18) could be very special indeed. Pre-order the single here.

[MP3] DISCLOSURE "Offline Dexterity"
[MP3] DISCLOSURE "London Town"
[MP3] DISCLOSURE "Linstigator"


  1. I love Burial :) This is sort of a more downtempo version of that or something. Very impressive for high schoolers.

  2. I never did get into Burial, but I can't stop listening to these tracks. Can't wait to hear what the future holds for these two, quite impressive.

  3. I really dig these songs. Thank you!