Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TEETH - Ready For Their Close-up


TEETH are an Anglo-American trio, sometimes stylized as TEETH!!!, T3ETH, and T∑∑TH (the caps seem to be a certainty, tho), based in the northern English town of Dalston. They're already earning notices in advance of their debut single "See Spaces" b/w "Time Changes", out via the Moshi Moshi Singles Club on August 16th. More danceable than Sleigh Bells and less caustic than Crystal Castles, Veronica So's (the Yank) deliciously detached vocals add a no wave undercurrent to the band's new wave gloss.

TEETH - "See Spaces"

TEETH - "Time Changes"

There are already multiple remixes of the A-side out in the blogosphere available for free download, lending credence to the belief that this baby's a hit.