Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Tunes Tuesday - July 27, 2010

In rounding up another dozen tracks for you this week, it became evident just how far reaching the blissed out, chillwave sound has become. While all of them are truly choice, the similarity of many of these new bands is unmistakable. Additionaly, take a listen to the return of Ra Ra Riot, Les Savy Fav, and Deerhunter. Enjoy!

The download links have been removed, but here's what was featured:

Deerhunter "Revival" (4AD) - the first single from the forthcoming Halcyon Digest disc, their first for new label 4AD, out September 28.

K-X-P "18 Hours (Of Love)" (Smalltown Supersound) - from the Finnish quartet's just released self-titled debut chock full of krautrock influences.

Teenage Reverb "Save For Later" (Self/Orchid/Nightgull) - Meet Joseph Zucco. He's from Boston and he's 16. He recorded his debut Isolation Tape Night in a basement over a month and a half and released it last month on cassette through Orchid Tapes and on CD-R through Nightgull Records (although you can also 'name your own price' and download it thru Bandcamp). Separately, he's offered up the gem "Save For Later" as a free download, which has a very Neon Indian / Toro Y Moi vibe and a damn fine groove.

Still Corners "Endless Summer" (Fierce Panda) - More swoonworthy dream-pop courtesy of a female-fronted London outfit that will immediately recall School Of Seven Bells and Warpaint. I gotta believe that's no bad thing. It'll be included on a label comp titled Gruff Trade (ba dum bum) set for release next week. A split single featuring two more songs from the band is due later in the month.

Les Savy Fav "Let's Get Out Of Here" (Frenchkiss) - First salvo from the upcoming Root For Ruin, out September 14.

Ra Ra Riot "Boy" (Barsuk) - Album number two from the indie poppers extraordinaire is called The Orchard, in stores August 24.

Pandit "Artichoke" (Lefse) - Pandit is Lance Smith from the small town of Lumberton, Texas, north of Beaumont (OK, east of Houston. Better?). He's been snapped up by the in-form Lefse Records, and managed by the label's Matt Halverson. His five song debut EP is freely downloadable at his last.fm page. An appreciative nod to Mr. Jones from Erase Erase for pointing this one out.

Mount Kimbie "Field" (Hotflush) - After two EP's, this is from the dubstep duo's Crooks & Lovers debut. Residing somewhere in the neighborhood of Burial, Boards Of Canada, and The Field, and after positive reviews everywhere, this is a disc I want to hear more of.

Yu(c)k "Daughter" (Mirror Universe Tapes) - If you haven't caught wind of the shit-hot UK buzz band Yuck yet, that's understandable. They've yet to really put anything out in the States and barely anything in Britain. So what's next? Side project, of course! Well, sorta. They've revealed their alter ego, same name only now with parentheses, and it's their way of differentiating their primary output from the chilled out, stripped down material you'll find on an extremely limited cassette which, by the way, sold out in advance of its release. No matter if you've ever heard or heard of Yuck, "Daughter" is a sparse, gorgeous song that might clear a dance floor but demands you'll listen attentively.

Tennis "Baltimore" (Underwater Peoples) - the A-side of a new 7" (and EP) from Denver's contribution to the chilllwaveblisspop genre. Embarking on a quickie tour of the Eastern US during the latter part of August.

SLEEP ∞ OVER "Outer Limits" (Forest Family) - Three ladies straight outta Austin, this as the A-side of an upcoming 7" on Gorilla Vs. Bear's Forest Family Records. Extremely limited quantities, naturally. They'll be the home team on a blissed out bill at Emo's on August 23rd that includes Twin Sister and Memoryhouse.

Small Beer "A Million Dreams" (n/a) - For my money, London's Transparent blog (and label) are one of the most bulletproof tastemakers going. They alerted the world to this DJ in their our midst recently. If you think this ray of electronic sunshine sounds good at 4:06, I can't wait to hear an extended mix on the dancefloor.


  1. Nice mix, Mike! Thank you!

  2. You know I'm a sucker for anything that involves 'beer' - but that Small Beer track is excellent.