Thursday, June 24, 2010

Working For A Nuclear Free City - New Album


You never have to look very hard to find an act whose rave reviews start an avalanche of momentum.  But, for every Sleigh Bells, Surfer Blood, and Neon Indian, there’s Gonjasufi, Pantha du Prince, and others.   While good, or even great, reviews may earn additional notices or look sees from casual observers, they alone often won’t push the band towards breakout status.  Much of that simply comes down to timing: touring or the lack thereof, release date, label affiliation, the crowded marketplace or, no matter how well reviewed, is still a bit too on the fringe musically.  And truth be told, these are the records and bands that you make the extra effort to champion.   The ones that aren’t getting the love and attention you feel they deserve.  My yearly best-of list tends to be filled with ‘em. 

So, it’s with great anticipation that Working For A Nuclear Free City has announced the release of their second full-length, Jojo Burger Tempest. Coming after a long period of silence, news is coming fast and furious about what they describe as another “20 odd track” 2-CD set, much like their Businessmen & Ghosts debut.

A (self?) interview has been posted on the band’s Facebook page, revealing the extent of the recording process (18 months), influences (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Philip Glass, Autechre), and details of the 30 minute (!!) title track.  Despite saying that Jojo was recorded with a complete disregard for being played live, they’ve asked for help and suggestions about organizing a US tour, also via their Facebook page. 

Although Amazon UK lists a September release date, the band state it should be out digitally “within the month” in both the US and UK via Melodic Records.   In the meantime, here’s WFANFC in session with yours truly during SXSW 2008.


  1. thanks Mike, this is great news. I am a huge fan and did not hear about these new developments.

  2. i would kill to see video of the other songs from this session. I have downloaded the audio and love the whole session. Any Chance, go on?????

  3. Steve, where did you find that audio? I'm really interested in the WFANFC and Lightspeed Champion sessions from WOXY but they seem to be out of operation now. email me if you find anything! or you could you do mediafire of the WFANFC?

    one05northtower /at/ yahoo /dot/ com


    scroll down to the bottom of the page, not sure about the lightspeed champions though