Sunday, September 16, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (9 August)


Looking back at the tracklisting for August's Amazing America show kinda surprised me in that it's loaded with bands from California. If you were to look at my CD collection, you'll generally find a lack of music coming from the Golden State. Just to doublecheck this notion, I scanned the iTunes on my laptop - home to the past year's worth of listening - and sure enough, aside from scattered tracks by La Sera, Best Coast and FIDLAR (all heard on this show, btw), I haven't a single full-length from a California-based artist on it unless you want to count Jesca Hoop, who now lives in the UK.

So give it up for the rest of Cali contingent on this weeks show: THE FRENCH GIRLS, DEAP VALLY, SWEATER GIRLS, DUM DUM GIRLS, LETTING UP DESPITE GREAT GIRLS FAULTS. Plus there's Canada Corner and lots more. If you haven't heard it yet, it's new to have at it.

RINGO DEATHSTARR "Rip" (Club AC30 / Sonic Unyon), from Mauve
MYPET "Pays To Know" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video)
THE FRENCH GIRLS "Friend Of Mine" (self-released), from Everything, Now EP (performance video)
SWEATER GIRLS "Pretty When You Smile" (HHBTM), from Sweater Girls Were Here (performance video)
CLOUD SEEDING "The Light" (feat. Nadine Carina) (Bleek), single
POLIÇA "Dark Star" (Totally Gross National Product), from Give You The Ghost
IO ECHO "When The Lilies Die" (IAMSOUND), from Ministry Of Love
BEACH HOUSE "Gila" (Carpark), from Devotion (video)
Rx GIBBS "Silver" (Cascine), from Futures EP
ANGEL HAZE "New York" (DatPiff), from Reservation EP (free EP download)
BEST COAST "The Only Place" (Mexican Summer), from The Only Place (video)
RHONDA MERRICK "Thank You For Taking The Time" (self-released), tba (viography)
DIIV "How Long Have You Known?" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin
BAD VEINS "Don't Run" (Modern Outsider), from The Mess We've Made (Austin performance video)
DIVINE FITS "My Love Is Real" (Merge), from A Thing Called Divine Fits
DELICATE STEVE "Afria Talks To You" (Luaka Bop), from Positive Force
WILSEN "Dusk" (self-released), from Sirens
DIANA "Born Again" (self-released), tba
METZ "Headache" (Sub Pop), from Metz
DIRTY GHOSTS "19 in ‘71" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon   
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS "The Night" (Vagrant / Ghostly), from Ghostory 
TRANDCENTION "Chemical Bond" (self-released), from Serendipity EP
FIDLAR "No Waves" (Mom + Pop), single
LA SERA "Please Be My Third Eye" (Hardly Art), from Sees The Light
BEACH DAY "Beach Day" (Kanine), single
LETTING UP DESPITE GREAT FAULTS "Visions" (New Words), from Untogether
CLOUD NOTHINGS "Wasted Days" (Carpark), from Attack On Memory
DUM DUM GIRLS "I Got Nothing" (Sub Pop), from End Of Daze EP
KING TUFF "Bad Thing" (Sub Pop), from King Tuff
DEAP VALLY "Gonna Make My Own Money" (Infrasonic Sound), single (Best Fit session video)
BEAT CONNECTION "Further Out" (Moshi Moshi), from Palace Garden
ETERNAL SUMMERS "Millions" (Kanine), from The Dawn of Eternal Summers

Sunday, August 26, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (2 August)

 DC (center, with The Middle Ones) to the rescue! 

It's all down to technology, isn't it?

Each week, my home in Austin in linked to the Amazing Radio HQ in Gateshead (Newcastle), England by way of the information superhighway. And as we all know, sometimes that link can turn to shit. That was the case for this show.

A few days prior to air time each week, I email the tracklisting to my producer Rachael so she can begin show prep. But when it came time for the critical hookup - actually broadcasting the show via the net - my internet provider dialed up a golden sombrero. It was just going to be a no-go from my end. Besides being a major bummer, the bands I scheduled for airplay had already been notified, so simply airing a rerun was a total last resort.

Thankfully, and with very little notice, the amazing Dani Charlton picked up the playlist and filled in. From my end, it was kind of cool to hear the playlist I'd put together delivered by a much more attractive individual. Hear what I'm talking about....

And please give Dani a listen on her own Amazing show Wednesdays from 1p BST (7a ET).

DIRTY GHOSTS “Shout It In” (Paper Bag), from Metal Moon (video)
WHALES IN CUBICLES "Nowhere Flag" (Popular), single (video)
CIRCA WAVES "I Get Along With You" (self-released), tba
FOE "One Man Down" (Mercury), from Bad Dream Hotline
CLOUD SEEDING "The Light" (feat. Nadine Carina) (Bleek), single
GHOSTING SEASON "Time Without Question" (Last Night On Earth), from The Very Last Of The Saints
BEACH DAY "Beach Day" (Kanine), single
BONG IDLE "Beach Zombie" (self-released), from Night Of The Living Blunt EP
NEON INDIAN "Polish Girl" (Transgressive), from Era Extraña
CINNAMON GIRL "Devil In Me" (self-released), free download (video)
SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE "Gazing At The Moon" (Blood & Biscuits), from We Were Drifting On A Sad Song
MARIBEL "Jezebel Jive" (Splendour), from Reveries (video)
RINGO DEATHSTARR "Rip" (Club AC30 / Sonic Unyon), from Mauve
SPRING KING "Let's Ride" (self-released), tba (video)
VERONICA FALLS "My Heart Beats" (Slumberland), single (video)  
SUMMER CAMP "Always"  (Moshi Moshi), from Always EP (video)
LOVE IN AZORES "Sun Collapse" (self-released), tba
PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING "London Can Take It" (Test Card), from The War Room EP (video)
CURXES "Spectre" (self-released), single
THE LOST RIVERS "Cinnamon" (Northern Star), from Sin & Lostness
THE SEA AND CAKE "Harps" (Thrill Jockey), from Runner
YOUAN "Know Your Name" (self-released), tba
HONEYBLOOD "Super Rat" (self-released), tba
THE LOUCHE "Salt" (SWAYS), single (video)
GET PEOPLE "Something Better" (Luv Luv Luv), from Harmonize EP (video)
SEBASTIAN "Love In Motion" (feat. Mayer Hawthorne) (Ed Banger / Because), from Total
IO ECHO "When The Lilies Die" (IAMSOUND), from Ministry Of Love
SISTERLAND "A Certain Taste" (Blessing Force), single
HOLOGRAMS "ABC City" (Captured Tracks), from Holograms (video)
SEAMS "Punch" (Full Time Hobby), from Sleeper EP

Thursday, August 16, 2012

TODAY: Amazing Radio (10p BST, 5p ET, 2p PT)

I'm back at it on Amazing Radio in just a few hours from now with gobs of new music.   Last week, I presented my monthly all-American showcase - Amazing America (blog post / archive still to come) - so tonight, imma gonna be catching up on new stuff from HOORAY FOR EARTH, PALE SEAS, JEWELLERS, MiNI dOG, and QUADRILLES among others. 

I'm also spinning these new artists for the first time: THE HORN THE HUNT, WILDLIFE CONTROL, Philly's BLEEDING RAINBOW, AFFAIRS, Canadians HALF MOON RUN, Scottish buzz band HOLY ESQUE, YOUNG MAN, ARP ATTACK, FROM THE KITES OF SAN QUENTIN and from Ukraine (!!) SINGLETON . Then hear the return of (relative) veterans LALI PUNA, DESSA, and MATMOS.

But the big news is that starting with this show I'll select a Record Of The Week: something that really stands out and rocks my world. This week: "Snake" by THROWING UP.

I hope you'll join me but if you can't, I'll post the archived audio to the blog within a few days.

Amazing Radio is heard worldwide at, where the stream is also time-shifted to all 4 US Time Zones. Listen to any of my most recent Amazing shows right here.

Sample a few selections off tonight's menu from ADDING MACHINE, SINGLETON, YOUAN, and HALF MOON RUN.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (26 July)

So, and thankfully, I started a new full-time job about 6 weeks ago (yay!) which, when added with my other duties for Amazing Radio and KUT, has left precious little time to update the blog (boo!). Hopefully, you're listening as the show airs on Amazing Thursdays at 5p Eastern, 4p Central and 2p Pacific. That's 10p in Britain and 3p Mountain! If not (and why not?), I'm archiving them here so you can listen whenever it's convenient. And lord knows we live in an on demand, time shifted give-it-to-me-now-dammit world, don't we? For a more immediate archive of the week's show, my page at Amazing Radio is always updated with the latest and greatest.

Appearing on the show for the first time this week are GIRLS NAMES, KOBI, DIANA, AVEC SANS, S.A.F., CARNIVALS, ENGLISH SINGLES, ERIKA SPRING, and ARCA. You'll also hear new tunes from JETHRO FOX, BEATROOT, and two of my new fave band crushes: TAFFY and PINS.

Oh, and keep checking back.  I'll leave the light on for you. 

SPLASHH "Need It" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video)
GIRLS NAMES "A Troubled See" (Slumberland), from split single (w/ Weird Dreams)
TRANDCENTION "Striations" (self-released), from Serendipity EP
ADDING MACHINE "Square Piece" (demo) (self-released), free download
JETHRO FOX "Blinding Light" (Tough Love), single
DJANGO DJANGO "Storm" (Because), from Django Django (video)
KOBI "Fight" (self-released), single
DIANA "Born Again" (self-released), tba
DIIV "Doused" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin  
JAPANDROIDS "The House That Heaven Built" (Polyvinyl), from Celebration Rock
DIRTY GHOSTS “Shout It In” (Paper Bag), from Metal Moon (video)
AVEC SANS "Heartbreak Hi" (self-released), single
BEATROOT "Lights Camera Action" (self-released), from Beatroot mini-album
S.A.F. "Nailstorm" (RAK), from Nailstorm EP (video)
I CHING "It's Me" (Best Fit), from Amazing Radio session (Best Fit session video)
PINS "You Don't Need To Be" (self-released), tba (video)
CARNIVALS "Departners" (self-released), from Humility EP
ENGLISH SINGLES "Finer Points" (Slumberland), from Backstreet Pages EP
THE MYNABIRDS "Generals" (Saddle Creek), from Generals
TAFFY "Flower Chain" (Club AC30), from Caramel Sunset
THE DUNES "Trace The Sun" (Quiet Pop), from Between Midnight and Dawn EP
THE EARLY MORNING SATELLITES (fka HONEY) "Fantasist" (self-released), from Fantasist EP
CURXES "Spectre" (self-released), single
BEAR DRIVER "Big Love" (Adventure Club), from Bear Driver (video)
YRRS "Mob Life" (Keep It Yours), split single (w/ Honeyslide) (video)
BROKEN ANCHOR "Leave The Light On" (self-released), from Broken Anchor, Vol. 1 EP
ERIKA SPRING "Hidden" (Cascine), from Erika Spring EP (video)
ARCA "Manners" (UNO NYC), from Stretch 2
RHYE "Open" (Innovative Leisure), from Open EP

Music via:  Obscure Sound, Said The Gramophone, EARMILK, Austin Town Hall, Loose Lips  

Monday, July 23, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (19 July)

It's HOT!

I've got another bushel basket full of new artists to introduce you to this week, all earning first plays from me...

YRRS - melodic surf punk by duo from England's south coast.
GHOSTING SEASON - chilled, understated electronic from Manchester duo who'd previously recorded as worriedaboutsatan.
WHISPERY CLUB - anthemic, radio-friendly (dare I say), alt-rock. #oldskool
TRANDCENTION -DIY prog/electronica from 17 y.o. Vermont whiz kid producer Julian Lenz.
BEATROOT - LDN-based trio blends alt-rock, hip-hop, funk, soul, latin, reggae & afrobeat.  No folk.
WAVES OF FURY - garage blooze from the first English band signed to genre champion Alive Records (Buffalo Killers, Soledad Brothers).
[STRANGERS] - dark, anthemic synth-pop. Depeche Mode fans need apply.
INDIANA - pretty pianist earned notices for her take on Frank Ocean's "Swim Good". Shockingly, not a Hoosier!
FRANK EDDIE - aka Fred Deakin, formerly half of Lemon Jelly.
MAFIA LIGHTS - trio plays atmospheric electro-pop with dubstep undertones.
DAUWD - shimmering chillstep from Welsh producer. Damn near perfect.
MELISSA JAMES - jay ay zed zed vocalist who cites Nina Simone & Joni Mitchell as influences.
ADDING MACHINE - Their description: "Early Cocteau guitar shrieks, throbbing post-punk bass and Silver Apples-inspired rhythms writhe beneath Siouxsie-esque macabre-pop tales".  I'm in!
TY SEGALL BAND - you know this guy: he brings teh rawk.

You can hear me play all sorts of (mostly new) music every Thursday on Amazing Radio at 5p Eastern & 2p Pacific (10p UK time).  If you didn't already know, each show is curated by the firm of me, myself & I from music uploaded to the companion Amazing Tunes site.  All shows will, in due time, be archived here on the blog.  Hit the Mixcloud links to access more for your listening pleasure.

WET MOUTH "White Light" (self-released), tba
ARÊTES "I'm So Sober" (feat. Binisa Bonner) (self-released), from Gods EP
CURXES "Spectre" (self-released), single
YRRS "Mob Life" (Keep It Yours), split single (w/ Honeyslide) (video
WHISPERY CLUB "My Home Your House" (self-released), single
YOOFS "Love At 140" (self-released), tba
BEATROOT "Never Be The Same" (self-released), from Beatroot EP (free EP download)
ALPINE "Gasoline" (Ivy League), from A Is For Alpine (video)
WAVES OF FURY "Businessman's Guide to Witchcraft" (Alive), from Thirst
INDIANA "Blind As I Am" (self-released), stream
MAFIA LIGHTS "West" (Luv Luv Luv), single
HOLOGRAMS "ABC City" (Captured Tracks), from Holograms (video)
ADDING MACHINE "Square Piece" (demo) (self-released), free download 
HIGH PLACES "Year Off" (Thrill Jockey), from Original Colors
DAUWD "What's There" (Pictures), from What's There EP
OPOSSUM "Blue Meanies" (Fire), from Electric Hawaii (video)
COVES "Fall Out Of Love" (none), from The Amazing Sessions
TY SEGALL BAND "Wave Goodbye" (In The Red), from Slaughterhouse (Pitchfork Fest performance)
MELISSA JAMES "Don't You Keep Yourself Down" (self-released), from Day Dawns
FRANK EDDIE "That's The Way" (Impotent Fury), single
[STRANGERS] "Safe/Pain" (Beatwolf), single (video)
STILL CORNERS "Endless Summer" (Sub Pop), from Creatures Of An Hour (video)
TRANDCENTION "Striations" (self-released), from Serendipity EP
DIIV "Doused" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin  
LOST BOY "Chew" (Old Flame), from USA USA  
GHOSTING SEASON "Time Without Question" (Last Night On Earth), from The Very Last Of The Saints

Music via:  Side One: Track One, Austin Town Hall 

Friday, July 20, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (12 July)

TASHAKI MIYAKI - hazy L.A. shoegazers on a JAMC/Mazzy Star jag

This month's Amazing America showcase digs a little deeper into the Amazing archive to unearth some gems from MIDLAKE, TIMES NEW VIKING, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY and FLEET FOXES.  You'll hear these alongside a mountain of new music from DIIV, ORCA TEAM and (pictured above) TASHAKI MIYAKI....  

I've been intrigued by this band ever since "Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin'" dropped last year, another dollop of classic shoegazing with wispy, dead-eyed vocals.  They've also been shifting their image pretty radically.  Presented at first as a female duo, they played SXSW in more of a full band set-up as exhibited by the picture above, yet a recent interview and the clip for new single "Best Friend" suggests that TM is another guy/girl duo.  Adding to the intrigue, a recent LA gig was accompanied by a band request for no photos.  What's a smartphone waving, texting, video taking concertgoer to do?!? 

Check out "Best Friend" below, sounding like it was ripped straight from the Mazzy Star playbook, and then listen for the fuzzy, pulsating "Tonight" on the show.  Both songs appear as a double A single via the Luv Luv Luv label on August 6th.    

You can hear me every Thursday on Amazing Radio at 10p BST / 5p Eastern & 2p Pacific. All shows will, in due time, be archived here on the blog. Hit the Mixcloud links to access more for your listening pleasure.

DEAP VALLY "Gonna Make My Own Money" (Infrasonic Sound), single (Best Fit session video)
DIIV "Doused" (Captured Tracks), from Oshin  
TASHAKI MIYAKI "Tonight" (Luv Luv Luv), single
BEAT CONNECTION "The Palace Garden 4am" (Moshi Moshi), single (session performance video)
TIMES NEW VIKING "No Room To Live" (Merge), from Dancer Enquired
BAD VEINS "Don't Run" (Modern Outsider), from The Mess We've Made (Off The Avenue performance video) 
ROBERT ELLIS "Friends Like Those" (New West), from Photographs
MIDLAKE "Roscoe" (Bella Union), from The Trials Of Van Occupanther (video)
STRATHE "Grey" (self-released), single
TENNIS "Petition" (Fat Possum), from Young and Old
CROCODILES "My Surfing Lucifer" (Frenchkiss), from Endless Flowers (Amazing Breakfast performance video)
THE ANTLERS "Drift Dive" (Anti), from Undersea EP
SELEBRITIES "Paraiso" (Cascine), single
CRAIG FINN "Honolulu Blues" (Vagrant), from Clear Heart Full Eyes
DUM DUM GIRLS “Heartbeat (Take It Away)” (Sub Pop), from Only In Dreams
BRAIDS "Lemonade" (Kanine), from Native Speaker
DIRTY BEACHES "Lord Knows Best" (Zoo), from Badlands
DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
RHONDA MERRICK "27 Club" (self-released), tba (video)
FLEET FOXES "Mykonos" (Sub Pop), from Sun Giant EP
BALLERINA BLACK "NTSB" (self-released), from INJURELESS: Röd EP (video)
FRANKIE ROSE "Know Me" (Slumberland), from Interstellar
THE WALKMEN "Heartbreaker" (Fat Possum), from Heaven (video)
ORCA TEAM "The Lowest Point" (Happy Birthday To Me), from Restraint (video)
NOW, NOW "Thread" (self-released), from Threads (video)
JESCA HOOP "Born To" (Bella Union), from The House That Jack Built
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY "Your Hand In Mine" (Temporary Residence), from The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place

Music via:  EARMILK, Rollo & Grady, Tune The Proletariat, Chromewaves, Coast Is Clear

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LISTEN: Amazing Radio (5 July)

There's nothing I enjoy more than finding a new band to play for you. Even though I may just stick with one or two of their songs on the show, my hope is that you'll seek 'em out on your own if it's something you dug hearing. I spun these artists for the first time on this show:

HOLOGRAMS - Swedish punk band has the Spirit of '77
PLAYLOUNGE - LDN noise-pop duo
NOW, NOW - if you were a fan of female-fronted, heartland bands like Magnapop and Frogpond, you'll love this trio from Minneapolis.
WET MOUTH - 2 girls + 2 guys based in Liverpool with members from England, Norway, Canada and Los Angeles. Elements of grunge, post-punk and pop are all present here.
COVES - dreamy guy/girl duo with a noisepop undercurrent
WAILIN' STORMS - Gothic Americana by trio from NYC via Corpus Christi.
GET PEOPLE - LDN electro-pop trio
CAAN - stylish, nocturnal synth pop (think Jamie Woon) from ex-Ou Est Le Swimming Pool member Caan Capan
ALUNAGEORGE - Pichfork-approved dubstep influenced electro-soul duo

GAGGLE "Army Of Birds" (Transgressive), from From The Mouth Of The Cave (video)
HOLOGRAMS "ABC City" (Captured Tracks), from Holograms (video)
NOW, NOW "Thread" (self-released), from Threads (video)
COVES "Cast A Shadow" (Cross Key), from Cast A Shadow EP (video)
GET PEOPLE "Something Better" (Luv Luv Luv), from Harmonize EP (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS “Shout It In” (Paper Bag), from Metal Moon (video)
WILLY MOON "Yeah Yeah" (Luv Luv Luv / Island), single (video)
ALUNAGEORGE "Put Up Your Hands" (Universal / Island), from You Know You Like It EP
CAAN "Into The Night" (Camouflage), single (video)
ATOMIC LEAGUE "Another One Like You" (self-released), tba
FANTASY RAINBOW "O, Weirdo" (Heist Or Hit), single
DISGOTHIQUE "Solar" (self-released), from Silver Trashy Music
PALE SEAS "Something Or Nothing" (Fear & Records), single (session video)
LANTERNS ON THE LAKE "A Kingdom" (Bella Union), from Gracious Tide, Take Me Home
COASTAL CITIES "Relief" (Once Upon A Time), single (free download) (video)
WAILIN' STORMS "Asleep In The Belly Of A Tree" (self-released), from Bone Colored Moon EP
FRIENDS "I'm His Girl" (Arthur Baker remix) (Lucky Number), single
MICHAEL A. GRAMMAR "All Night, Afloat" (Melodic), from Vitamin Easy EP (video)
THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE "Mallory" (Rough Trade), from The Amazing Sessions
SPLASHHH "Need It" (Luv Luv Luv), single (video)
ALPINE "Gasoline" (Ivy League), from A Is For Alpine
WET MOUTH "White Light" (self-released), tba
CURXES "Haunted Gold" (self-released), single (video)
DIRTY GHOSTS "Ropes That Way" (Last Gang), from Metal Moon (video)
THE INVISIBLE "Protection" (Ninja Tune), from Rispah
THEME PARK "Jamaica" (Transgressive), single (video)
PLAYLOUNGE "Conor, Oh Burst?" (Art Is Hard), from Family Portrait split EP

Music via:  Pitchfork, Bedwetting Cosmonaut, Et Musique Pour Tous